Cazenovia Sprint Triathlon 2013

by Joanne on August 11, 2013

Athletes, volunteers and spectators couldn’t have asked for a better day to enjoy an endurance event.   The weather was clear and mild the entire morning. 

Ted was our favored athlete with Zoey and myself has the fan club.

caz tri 8

Zoey’s “dog eye” view of her main man and the beautiful sky.

caz tri2

Ted had a great swim, a little long in transition before getting on the bike but no cramping. 

This year, the club changed the transition area as well as the on – off bike entrance.  It was much better with no crashes or skids on hard pavement.  Great call, CNY Tri Club!

caz tri4

After a really good 12.4 mile bike, Ted transitioned well into the run

caz tri3

and for the first time in his triathlon history, he came back saying “I could run some more!” 

This was a really good event for him.  The weather of course helps, sun energizing and perfect temperatures all around create the motivation needed when the going gets tough.  The crowd support and FANTASTIC volunteers make this one worth while triathlon venue.

caz tri6

Finishers medal were new and welcomed this year.  One medal to be really, really proud of.

caz tri7

As for Zoey and I, we walked, did some fun training, and so many people gave Zoey treats, right down to the food tent when a nice lady walked over to see if Zoey could lick the pasta sauce dish.  Zoey was in her glory and thought the feeding should continue…

caz tri5

I just hope we don’t have tummy troubles as a result of all the dog lovers.

Congrats, once again, Ted! FANTASTIC performance.

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  • At 2013.08.12 11:59, Heather said:

    Congrats, Ted! He’s lucky to have such an awesome cheerleader/spectator – I love how you guys support each other!

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