Greenlakes Triathlon 2014: Family Fun

by Joanne on June 7, 2014

The Greenlakes Triathlon Syracuse YMCA couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day in upstate New York.  As usual, this event received an A+ in every area from organization, enthusiastic volunteers, spectators, to the finish line fun and food. 


A little bit about this event from the website:

livestrong at the YMCA Green Lakes Triathlon & Race Weekend

It’s three races in an amazingly beautiful venue, including the 35th-Annual YMCA triathlon. These races are run entirely by volunteers, meaning that 100% of the money raised supports the charitable work of the YMCA, particularly the YMCA’s free programs for cancer survivors.

The race is a sprint triathlon and offers a relay for a 3 person team event.  The “Ayoub team” had Ted doing all three events, Richard, Dave, and a work colleague as the swimmer, doing the relay. 

The race limit is 500 athletes.  Three swim waves: men, women, relay.  An absolutely picture perfect morning for everyone.

After a successful swim in temperature perfect water, Ted takes off on his 13+ mile bike ride.

GLTed bike

Richard follows after his swimmer hands him the baton  Winking smile   ankle cuff.

GLRich Bike

Ted has a fast and furious ride and takes off on a run through a beautifully shaded, dirt path.

GLTed finish

After Rich gets back from the ride, Dave takes off yelling “I’m going to catch Teddy!”

GLDave run

Ted was a little too far ahead of the family relay team to be caught and finished in one of his best sprint tri times to date.

GLTed run

Congrats Ted and the Ayoub Relay Team!


Believe it or not, and you will if you are a triathlete, but Ted’s workout was STILL not complete.  I dropped him off 35 miles from home so he could finish his required bike for the week. That’s one amazing hubby!

As for me, I had kitty duty.  Oskar and Fiama (sorry Sue – forgot to ask how to spell Fiama??) needed a kitty litter clean out, fresh water, and some fresh food.


Oskar. No, he’s not a grouch, he’s just shy.

GLFiama pretty

Fiama, pretty black kitty who likes attention and little tummy rub.

GLfiama play

Maybe even a scratch behind the ears while Oskar looks on, well concealed by the furniture.

GLfiama nice

GLshy oskar

Soon the attention got boring for Fiama and she decided to sharpen her nails and get down to business.

GLfiama scratch

That was my signal to leave. 

Too many of these perfect weekends will spoil us but who’s complaining?!

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  • At 2014.06.08 13:11, Nancy Jean said:

    WAY TO GO, TED!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, of course, kudos to the Ayoub Teammates as well! Honestly, Ted is amazing! More impressive every time at these events – – so proud of him. Lovely that you all could share such a beautiful day together …

    • At 2014.06.10 07:42, Heather said:

      Ted is KILLIN it!! Congrats to him!!

      • At 2014.06.10 08:52, Ali @ Peaches and Football said:

        I say bring on the perfect weekends!!! Summer goes by way too fast and we need all the warmth and nice temps we can get. 🙂

        Ted is just amazing! Joanne, do you ever do triathlons or do you generally stick to running?

        • At 2014.06.10 10:42, Joanne said:

          I’m strictly a runner. Wish I could do the triathlons but I just can’t get myself swimming and cycling really gets to my hips.

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