Old Forge Triathlon 2013

by Joanne on August 19, 2013

Can you believe two weekends in a row?  Ted is at it again: swimming, biking, and running.  This was the last event of the ATCendurance 2013 races.  How sad and how unbelievable that we are already nearing the end of summer. 

The Old Forge Triathlon is one of my favorites to spectate.  It’s a fun and interesting place to walk around while waiting for your athlete.  If you’re there to watch multiple athletes, you can see them coming and going from all angles. 

The Race

Ted was set up and ready to go by 7:30 am.  One last trip to the porta-john before it ran out of T.P…. actually, Ted’s lucky. He only needs one trip to the p.j. As for the rest of us (to go nameless), we might need 3 or 5.  Yes, there might be a problem there.   Anyway – back to Ted’s event…

Getting Ready

It was p  r  e  t  t  y  foggy out there during swim warm up and the fog didn’t lift at the start of Ted’s wave, 7:55 am.  He figured he would try to follow whom ever was in front of him and hope that whom EVER it was would swim straight.


The water was 70 degrees. The outside air was about 55 degrees so swimmers were expecting the water to feel good.  It didn’t.  A lot of “Brrrrr…that water is COLD!”

After a really good swim, Ted was out, into transition and on the bike to face the very scenic but hilly roads towards Inlet.

They're off

HURRY TED!   That’s what I wanted to yell but didn’t because if I had, he would have given me the evil eye and muttered something about me doing it and, well, we won’t go there.


the bike

Due to the start and end of the bike course, the volunteers were very strict and careful regarding how cyclists took off and came in.  If they weren’t, there could have been some nasty accidents but nothing happened, everyone was safe and had a good ride.

The last leg: The 4 Mile Run on a flat course.

the run

Ted AMAZED on the run.  He completed it at a pace of 9:08 – FANTASTIC! 

It was one terrific race for Ted. One of his best, if not THE BEST of 2013

Celebrating at Season’s Cafe with a huge breakfast and wearing his well deserved race T-shirt.

celebration breakfast

Our dear athlete’s plans for the next 2 weeks?  Why more races of course!  He plans on running the half marathon at Turning Stone next Sunday and then the following Sunday, his last triathlon of this year in Skaneateles. 

He’s turned into quite the endurance demon.  Why?  I don’t know…why Ted?   I think it’s because he enjoys it.  Ted doesn’t get all stressed out come race time.  He looks forward to racing.  He doesn’t race against anyone but himself.  Don’t think he doesn’t push himself to become a better athlete. He does.  In fact, (and I don’t care if you read this, honey) he’s kind of silly when he is injured because he tries to work through it.  A wrap here, ice there, massage here and there… he keeps going.   My athlete.  If there is one person who motivates me when the going gets tough, it’s my very own hubby, Ted.

Who motivates you when there are challenges to face?

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  • At 2013.08.19 15:14, Pam said:

    Great job Dad!!! So proud of you 🙂

    • At 2013.08.20 08:14, Ali @ Peaches and Football said:

      Wow Ted – major way to go!

      I’ve heard late summer / early Fall usually has the best race times for athletes (at least around this area) because they’ve had all spring/summer to train. So if he’s feeling great and pumped to do more – I think he definitely should! I love hearing how relaxed and easy going he tackles these events. I’d be nervous. 🙂

      • At 2013.08.20 12:43, Heather said:

        Awwwww……I love the way you support each other! Go Ted!!

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