Skinny Man 2013

by Joanne on August 31, 2013

Skaneateles, New York was the setting for this weekends sprint triathlon.  We both wished we had pulled an over-night for this race because the town of Skaneateles is so cute, so clean, with many little shops, boutiques, unique vendors, it’s not only a shop-a-holic’s heaven but also a foodies mecca.

Skaneateles shops


The well known Sherwood Inn for good food, cozy rooms for overnight stays and live music on the weekends.

Skaneateles sherwood1Skaneateles Sherwood

But now for Ted’s last triathlon recap of 2013.

There were race volunteers everywhere to help participants find their way from check in, bag pick up, body marking to transition.  The triathlon was very well organized.  Police were in attendance since the traffic gets quite heavy later in the morning.

Ted gets ready for the swim

Skinny man

There were 6 waves, set off in 4 minute intervals: yellow, silver, pink, green, blue, and red.  Before the pink caps got started, two yellow caps were coming in, already completing their 800 meter swim.

Skinny man1

Ted is off and swimming with the green caps…

Skinny man2

While waiting for him to complete his swim, I finished off my 60 minute run which began in Utica, racing across to the college with the dogs.  I ran the triathlon 5K course while Ted set up in transition, then completed the run while he swam and biked.

Skinny man bike

Caught Ted just as he was heading off up the hill on the bike course.

He made good time and was back on his running legs to complete the event.

Skinny man run start

Notice no ankle support?  Pretty brave on his part because the run course is not flat.  In fact, the bike course wasn’t flat either.  No category 4 or 5’s but still, rolling and challenging around some corners.

Skinny man run

Look how happy he is running strong and with only 100 meters to go.

Skinny man finish 

My happy champion.  He didn’t have as much energy today as he had in the last two events.  It was warmer and muggier which probably drained his energy.  The fact that neither of us has slept very well the last couple of nights could also have something to do with it.

Richard came to watch and the three of us enjoyed a really delicious, more than you can eat, breakfast at the Blue Water Grill.

Blue Water Grill

A day that started WAY too early (3:50 am)  resulted in an enjoyable event, in an enjoyable place, with thoroughly enjoyable people. 

I think Skaneateles will see us back again next year.

What’s your favorite little get-away town within 2 hour of where you live?

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