Just after 5 AM

by Joanne on August 5, 2011

My favorite time of day

Early morning2

Walking down Culver Ave. in Utica at 5:30 in the morning. The sun begins to glow on the horizon. The air is cool. No one in sight,  just Shane and I walking quietly down the Parkway.

Early morning Shane

We enter the parks.  Only one car and one person collecting cans from previous nights soft ball and basketball games.  The mist forms a transparent wall across the playgrounds.

Early morning1

Shane is allowed to run and play off the leash.  Still, no one around.  He runs from tree to tree, from bush to bush, making his way eagerly around the abandoned fields.  It’s his world.  All his own.  He stops, sniffs, then plays catch up as he sprints towards me.  I walk leisurely embracing the silence, the calm, as thoughts of the impending day begin to monopolize my mind.

We walk back home, taking in the deep breaths of clean, unadulterated morning air.  I  contemplate the movements in the trees and wonder how many deer watch us, how many bunnies sit in anticipation of our passing.

Shane walks fast.  He anticipates the ensuing fun.  His favorite game.

Early shane frisbee

We play.  We enjoy the day.

Positive Living  – Elsie Natalie Brady

A new start, a bright new beginning

To start all over again,

In friendship and positive living,

Greeting each day with a song.

So many moments to treasure,

So many joys to give,

A kindness, or bit of pleasure

To scatter and to receive.

Why live one day in regretting

The deeds that were left undone,

Instead, just go right on loving,

And happiness surely will come.

Here’s to the weekend! Hope yours is a good one.

Here's To You! CHEERS.

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  • At 2011.08.06 00:15, Monet said:

    Amen! What a lovely post. I feel more relaxed already…Thank you for sharing another inspired post. I hope you had a good Friday…and are staying cool! I’m looking forward to a weekend of baking and relaxing. Much love!

    • At 2011.08.06 00:33, Gera@Sweets Foods Blog said:

      Wow 5AM here, at this hour, the weather is freezing – but with warmer temperatures you can walk / run much better.
      A cabernet / merlot wine is a good blend 🙂

      Have a great weekend,


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