My own mortality

by Joanne on February 4, 2018

Life certainly gets more challenging as we add on the years.  No one warns us of the obstacles that we must overcome.  There is no guidebook.  I wish there was.

In 2015 my mother passed away unexpectedly.  I thought she was going to be with us longer than my father but that apparently wasn’t the Supreme plan.  I can’t help but think how much easier caring for an aging parent would be if it were my mother who were with us instead of my father.   It seems women are more capable when alone than men as they age or maybe that’s just how it is in my family.  Still, we’re blessed to have my father with us.  He moved back to the area last November.  It’s tough on my sister and myself because there seems to be so much to worry about but we try to remind ourselves “one day at a time.”

My dad at happy hour in the retirement community where he now lives.

Being around the elderly has made me ponder my own mortality more than ever before. Life was so free and easy but now I can’t help consider how to be a better person, the importance of making the most of each day, and of course the scary thought of whether everything is in place to allow for my own care as I progress into the later years of life.

I’m not a caregiver.  I never had children and have never had regrets for missing out on motherhood.  I like dogs. They’re easy and allow me to have time to myself.  They are my best friends and love whatever I love.  Caring for a parent is something I wrestle with every day even though my commitment isn’t 24 hours around the clock. It’s actually not a lot in comparison to what others deal with but the small amount of time required takes it’s toll mentally and physically.

My friends, Luke and Zoey.

My running partner, Zoey.  She loves to run more than I do.

Speaking of running, it has been one heck of a tough season.  Very cold with slick roads.  I haven’t done near as many miles as my last 7 winter running seasons.  I haven’t wanted to because lying in bed is so much more attractive than hitting the snowy, slick pavement when it’s 5 degrees at 4:30 am.

The affects of winter running outside.

I’m trying to ease up on myself when I don’t meet a weekly mileage goal in getting ready for Boston come April.   The Boston Marathon is my favorite race and this year, if all goes well, will be my 8th consecutive run.  Talk about lucky, right?!  The best thing about Boston at this point is that I have no expectations to run it at my best.  I just look forward to getting to the start without injury, experiencing that energized course and crossing the finish line feeling good so Ted and I can go out and make the best of the city.  Daily motivational quotes and inspirational quips help keep my mind on track.

What else is going on this year?  Well, I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a Nuun ambassador. This light tasting performance powder has taken me through my runs so far.  No funky ingredients and no funky taste.  Light and fresh.

I just celebrated another birthday.  Had a great time at a wine festival in Connecticut.  We tasted wonderful wines, enjoyed sampling other libations, and ate delicious four star restaurant meals.

As for my own kitchen creations, I’ve converted to a whole food plant based focus instead of just vegetarian.  It’s difficult getting away from that need for protein mind set and accept that I can get enough protein from plant based whole foods.  I feel good and only occasionally eat a small portion of fish.   Ted is still on his Krusteaz pancake kick.  His typical breakfast looks like this:  Krusteaz Buttermilk pancakes, eggs, and a vegetarian sausage patty. Don’t knock it. Check out all that fruit!

Ted and I had to address an issue with our property.  Last summer during the ferocious storm, water washed a lot of the land from the creek at the edge of our property.  The escarpment went from a gradual decline into the creek to a very steep and immediate drop.  The land is loose on the edge and it isn’t very safe. We believe we were lucky as our first try to get help came from the Soil and Water Conservation Authority seemed to be the correct move so far.   They came out immediately and said something could be done but funding had to be requested.   We’ll wait and see how this plays out.  It will take time.

That’s about all for now. I’ll keep you posted as my running progresses and hopefully increases with the coming of spring. What did punxsutawney phil say?  Six more weeks of winter? OMG.  Hold on. We’ll make it. We always do.



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