Time In Myrtle for the Holidays

by Joanne on December 24, 2014

Once again, we brought the rain with us on our vacation to Myrtle Beach.  How do we get so “lucky”?!  We are making the best of it by spending time with Mum and Dad, planning the big day and by that I mean Dad’s birthday on Christmas Day. 

So far we have had a great time in spite of the weather.  We had two mornings of enjoyable running and walking with the dogs.  Wednesday was a bit of a wash out but the down pour didn’t start until I was into my last two miles with Zoey and Ted was almost around the golf course with Shane (no one was playing on this wet, washed out day).

Back track…

Monday: We pulled in around 2 pm and immediately raided the refrigerator. After unpacking and catching up with Mum and Dad, it was time for dinner.  Then we crashed on the sofa and watched the football game.

Tuesday:  Slept in until 6:45 and enjoyed a 10 mile run with first, Shane then Zoey. Ted craved pancakes so we made a stop at Applewood’s House of Pancakes

Applewoods Pancakes

The restaurant promoted Bee Pollen. Interesting read.

Bee Pollen

The menu had so much variety with breakfast options on every level.  Service was excellent. 

For me, an Egg Beater vegetable omelet with grits. Fresh, light and tasty.  The grits were smooth, not buttery (I asked for nothing added) and nice and hot. Dry rye toast on the side.

omelet 1


Ted had a breakfast of two eggs over easy, sausage, hash browns and a stack of Christmas Pancakes which tasted like gingerbread.  They came with peppermint sugar topping. Light and fluffy.  The hostess saw Ted not using the peppermint sugar and urged him to try it.  Both the hostess and I FINALLY convinced him. It was a unique and excellent way to top a pancake.

Christmas pancakes

After the big breakfast, we had to shop as we were doing a bit of entertaining for lunch. 

Time sure does fly when you’re on vacation because before we knew it, we had to get ready to drive to Barefoot Landing for the Christmas Show in the Alabama Theater. 

First stop, The Key West Grill for an early meal.

keywest menu

garden salad



Another a good meal of which, 1/2 came home with us. Ted had blackened pork chops with mashed potatoes – looked good but they gave him two big chops which was WAY more than he could eat. It was good for breakfast the next day.  Some of that salmon was good for the dogs for breakfast.

We were ready to leave the restaurant when it started chucking it down in bucket loads. We waited it out at Key West Grill checking out the Pirates

pirate jo ted 2

pirate jo ted

and Kiwi the Parrot who wasn’t very talkative.



FINALLY, we were at the show and enjoying every entertaining moment.



The dogs were excellent for Mum and Dad.  When we got home at 11 pm, we walked down the road in the rain with Shane and Zoey.  One happy family ready to celebrate another holiday at Heritage Plantation. 

Merry Christmas Eve!

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