The First of Many – AGAIN

by Joanne on August 6, 2011

The first 17 mile run.  A lot more to follow up until race day on November 20th.  It was tough and there was one very steep hill, just under a 1/4 mile long.  It hit at the 13 mile point and my legs had just tackled a gradual incline the previous 1 1/2 miles.  Ted met me on his bike at the 11 1/2 mile point.  He was on his way to breakfast with the guys then would tackle a longer, hilly bike ride himself.  That mile he rode along beside me passed by so quickly.  It was nice. The conversation took my mind of my tiring legs.  

My run began at 5:20 am.  It wasn’t quite light out.  I love beginning my long runs in the dark.  The quiet of the morning helps set the mood and prepares me for the long road ahead.  I went passed the college (nothing going on there).  Down the Parkway where all of two cars passed me.  Utica College was absolutely deserted.  I ran around the backside of the school and out onto the road by St. Luke’s Hospital.  The short decent into New York Mills was a welcome relief for my legs.  As I turned the corner towards the old Planet Fitness, a lady was walking a very black German Shepherd.  I SO wish I had my running buddy with me!  It was a little female.  I said “Aren’t they the best?  I have a male.”  She said “I just love her.”   I continued on, thinking of Shane and looking forward to the cooler weather when he would be able to go with me on longer runs.

As I hit French Road, I wondered when I would see Ted on his bike.  I was running low on water but didn’t want to dive into any place incase I missed him.  Right on Genesee Street and through New Hartford until I came to Hannaford’s Grocery Store in Washington Mills.  That was it. Ted or no Ted I needed water.  Short stop at the store and I continued on.  As I turned onto Oneida – THERE HE WAS!  He turned around and rode a slow mile with me until doing a U-E and heading towards breakfast.  Lucky him.  I still had over 4 miles to go. 

I decided not to take the Parkway home.  I was looking for an excuse to walk so I went up the steep hill into the golf course.  I walked it.  The overlapping trees in the road created a canopy of cooling relief from the open road I had been on for the past hour and a half.  No one in the golf course. I had it all to myself. 

The last 1 1/2 miles was tough.  I thought going down the long hill coming out of Valley View would feel great on my legs.  It didn’t . They were so sore by this point, nothing felt good. I made it home by 17.03 miles on the nose.  My hamstrings throbbing, feet hurting and my neck is sore.  Boy! Do I need a bath!

Food to Fuel the Recovery…

The BIG GIRL omelet:   3/4 cup egg beaters, broccoli, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, hot cherry pepper pieces, sweet potato (instead of bread/toast),salt-n-peppa, feta cheese and some olive oil to cook it all up.




And…don’t’ forget the cup-a-JOE!



Out with the Old, In with the New:  CAMERON’S

Ted and I have always enjoyed a local gourmet restaurant called Perugia’s.  A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from the proprietor saying they were closing for a week to do some redecorating, updating the menu, and renaming the business “Cameron’s”.   Now I thought Cameron was the chef but the chef is GREG.  Cameron is the son.  The son of who? Not sure, but next time I’ll find out.

The menu did change.  There are a lot more pasta dishes, all meatless with the option of adding meat or seafood.  There are a lot more chicken dish choices.  There were three fish entrees and all of the appetizers were meatless.  *There was a goat cheese quesadilla appetizer that sounded wonderful but I couldn’t talk Ted into it. Next time.



Due to the redecorating, the Mardi Gras masks were all off the walls. I asked Julie (the waitress –best waitress in town!) what happened to them. She said they were in a box in the back and were going to be sold.  I asked how much and Greg told her $275.  Too much.  I offered $200 and I would take them then and there. No go.  Bummer, ‘cause Ted and I sat there making plans how to rearrange our walls to accommodate the gorgeous masks.


They are paper mache, not ceramic.  One was broken and they all needed cleaning.  Still, maybe next time we go in, Greg will accept my offer.

In any event, the meal was FANTASTIC as usual.  We enjoyed the new Cameron’s and will keep it on top of our best restaurant list.

Ever been to Mardi Gras?  Do you have one of the masks?  *We have two small masks but they were purchased during our time in Venice not New Orleans.

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  • At 2011.08.06 15:50, Tina@GottaRunNow said:

    I like sweet potatoes and added one to my noodle, chicken, broccoli mix yesterday. I also like starting my run early in the morning, too. Yay for getting the first 17 miler of your training plan done!

    • At 2011.08.06 20:07, Beth said:

      I’m running 16 tomorrow – though no where near as fast, I’m sure! I know what you mean about the downhills not being as helpful as you’d like at the end!

      Good to hear about Perugia. I wen there under the original owners and always wondered why the new folks didn’t change the name. Glad they did!

      • At 2011.08.07 16:53, Hannah said:

        I’ve never been to mardi gras, or celebrated it in any way, but man is that mask breath-taking! Looks like it would be worth the price, no matter how high, since that really is a work of art.

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