Cafe Hummus Restaurant Review

by Joanne on August 11, 2014

The other day, I needed a day off from work.  Sometimes things just pile up and a break is needed.  One day, that’s all. Just enough to clear the head, maintain perspective and get stuff done at home that you really don’t want to do on the weekend.   It was on this particular day, Ted suggested we try a new place in town, very close to home, offering Mediterranean cuisine, specifically Greek – Turkish flavors for the usual foods we find around Utica but so used to having a Lebanese flare.  This lunch was different.

We perused the menu of many options.

Cafe hummus beer

While Ted enjoyed a beer.  Always a plus when a restaurant opens with a liquor license in place.

Cafe hummus bar

We started with the hummus and pita bread.  The hummus was very mild, and drizzled with a paprika oil.

photo 1

Tabouleh was offered as a sample for us to try.

cafe hummus tabouli

These appetizers were both different from what we were used to by way of hummus and tabouleh.  The hummus was creamier, less garlicky, and very mild in comparison.  There were assorted hummus flavors to choose from but we went traditional.   Although the pita bread is purchased from Karams Bakery (as is most pita bread from local restaurants), Cafe Hummus add a little of their own personal style to it.  Very good and served warm.

The tabouleh was light on the parsley, tomato and other colorful herbs and vegetables.  It was more bulgur wheat, lemon flavors, but still refreshing.  

Love these plates!

cafe hummus plates

photo 2

We chatted a bit with both the owner and our waitress.  Very friendly staff, exhibiting so much pride in their restaurant, the food, and heritage.  All bread is fresh. All vegetables are only kept for two days before replacing with fresh, local produce, and you can taste this in the salads.

Our lunches arrived lickety-split

Cafe hummus choban chicken

Ted enjoyed a choban chicken salad.  Tender marinated chicken in a flavorful, not overpowering marinade.  Fresh cucumber, tomato, pepper in a light vinaigrette.

cafe hummus grilled shrimp

I had the warm grilled shrimp salad.  Five tender shrimp, grilled to perfection, on top of fresh mixed greens, thin sliced cucumber, thin sliced tomato wedges, with the house vinaigrette (oil, lemon, herbs, pomegranate essence) and I asked for crumbled feta on the side.   This was the best shrimp salad I’ve had in a very, very long time.

As you’ve probably determined, we enjoyed our experience at Cafe Hummus.  We arrived at 12:40, there were 3 tables of customers, we decided to dine at the bar.  Served immediately. Service, food, prices, all good.  We’ll be back to eat again. Count on it.

Have you tried any new restaurants lately? What’s your favorite cuisine?

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  • At 2014.08.11 20:15, Lori said:

    I would love to try that restaurant! I love, love Indian food as my favorite cuisine, but I do enjoy mediterranean as well.

    The newest eatery we recently tried was a place that does only grilled cheese sandwiches. All different kinds. Pretty good and inexpensive – so that was fun.

    • At 2014.08.13 11:40, Joanne said:

      Just grilled cheese sandwiches? How novel! What a great place.

    • At 2014.08.12 05:09, Choc Chip Uru said:

      Such great Mediterranean dishes here, they look so delicious 😀

      Choc Chip Uru

      • At 2014.08.13 08:43, Ali @ Peaches and Football said:

        We don’t have much in the way of Greek / Turkish / Indian / Mediterranean places around here. It’s a lot of burger, Italian, and Mexican. I suppose I like Mexican a bit better because I can make those options a bit healthier. It’s hard to lower carbs and fat on chicken alfredo. 🙂

        I love those festive plates! And you’re right, the dishes all look so fresh and vibrant

        • At 2014.08.13 11:42, Joanne said:

          I love Italian foods. I’m not big on pasta but I love all the breads and the tomato sauces.

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