Mary’s Secret Ingredients and Friday Night Dinner at Beardslee Castle

by Joanne on May 8, 2015



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Haunted Castles and…

2015-05-05 18.34.48

Secret Ingredients!  Could a Friday be more fun?!

2015-05-05 18.35.34

Not just food but neat kitchen gadgets as well (a Cit-Tease: removes citrus from the peel).

Mary’s Secret Ingredients:  Inspire Your Cooking and Fight Hunger. Visit the blog at

Exciting new flavors.  Seasonal shipments. 

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More about the company:

The food and recipe blog LOVE – the secret ingredient, is on a new mission. Two missions actually: To deliver favorite ingredients packed in seasonally themed sets to your front door, and to help hungry children across the country.


As a passionate cook, Mary, blog owner, is always looking for new inspiration and interesting flavor combinations. In each box you’ll find mouth-watering sweet and savory products to create wonderful tasting food. On LOVE – the secret ingredient blog, Mary shares recipes to inspire, which include ingredients from the boxes.

Check it out and join up. Please yourself while helping Feed The Children

Are you enrolled in a food/supplement delivery program?  If so, what’s the name and does it benefit any charitable organization?

A HAUNTINGLY Delicious Meal at Beardslee Castle.

With reservations at 6:30 pm, we made sure to arrive early so we could enjoy time in the Dungeon bar.


This place, every room, all the decor, has so much character.


Comfy and warm.


Entering the Dungeon


Steep steps, narrow hallways, stone walls, damp and eerie….


if there is a sure place to see an apparition, it is here.  Course, you have to be careful because if you indulge in too many of the brews, and there ARE many, you will see SOMETHING for sure!

beer list

The wonderful aroma of food which was being served in the Dungeon was too tempting and it wasn’t long before we went back up the stairs to our table.

We enjoyed the delicious bread basket with tapenade and bean dip.

bread and tapenade

Perused the extensive menu for entrees

menu meals

Decided on healthy salads


I had the Barramundi with the lobster cream on the side. Instead of buttery blue potatoes and oily spinach, I had wild rice and steamed broccoli.


Ted had the cioppino which included spicy chorizo sausage.


We were STUFFED!  Only enough room for coffee.

final cup

We really enjoy visiting Beardslee Castle.  Dinner is always delicious, service is super friendly, wine and beer options for all preferences and there isn’t a more fascinating ambiance.

nite castle

What’s your favorite restaurant with special character?

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  • At 2015.05.08 13:28, misszippy1 said:

    That looks like so much fun! We don’t have anything really stand out like that around here that I can think of, but when we were in Phila our favorite restaurant used to be in a beautiful old building that had been used as a hospital during the Rev. War.

    Mary’s sounds like a great cause!

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