Wine and Dine at Annex and Nola’s in Clinton NY

by Joanne on July 28, 2014

Ted and I don’t go into the Village of Clinton very often.  That might change.  We discovered a nice wine bar nestled in among the small, fascinating boutique stores along Clinton row and right next to it’s sister restaurant, Nola’s.  The wine bar is called The Annex.  It has been open for 8 months but just recently started advertising.


A welcoming atmosphere, few tables so as not to over crowd, with a limited seating outside. The best feature is the extensive wine selection.  No, no, the best feature is the QUALITY of the wine selection.  Don’t know what to have?  Do a flight!


Ted and I knew what we wanted.

Fog Dog Pinot Noir for Ted and the Boneshaker Zinfandel for me.


If you are looking for just a light snack, The Annex offers small plates to accompany the wine.


We were more than just small snack hungry and chose to mosey over to Nola’s for a full course dinner.  *The Annex offers customers the option to take their wine over to Nola’s if desired.


Comfortable seating with a window view.  Another appealing selection of wine and beer.

nola drinks

Ted enjoyed the Franzishaner Weissbier which had an interesting smoky finish.  I switched to a white wine and had Sauvignon Blanc, The Seeker, light, cool, refreshing.

The menu continued to peak our interest and we decided to try an appetizer called Gozleme.


Gozleme is a Turkish flat bread stuffed with spinach, eggplant, feta, dates, and poblano pepper.  It is served with saffron honey.  *I’m going to recreate this filling in a stuffed shell recipe tonight!  Both Ted and I rolled our eyes in appreciation of the flavor, texture and overall mouth appeal of this starter.  HIGHLY recommended when you visit Nola’s!

My usual salad followed.  Fresh greens finished with oil, vinegar and blue cheese crumbles.


For entrees, Ted chose a big, robust, juicy burger with special Nola fries.


There was a salmon special that made my mouth water – topped with a huge sea scallop.


There was no room for dessert.  It was one of those meals that was so good you wish you could just keep eating, hating the fact that your belly was feeling full. 

left overs

An A Plus rating. Great selections, gourmet food, and such friendly service. The Annex Wine Bar and Nola’s in Clinton, New York.  These are a must for an enjoying experience in wine and food.

Where did you eat this weekend?

What was your favorite meal this past weekend?

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  • At 2014.07.28 23:59, Choc Chip Uru said:

    What a hearty place to eat, it looks so delicious! 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

    • At 2014.07.29 21:27, Lori said:

      Oh yum – that looks delicious!! I spied a pretzel on the menu, too – I would love that 😀

      • At 2014.07.31 15:58, Nancy Jean said:

        Wow, nicely done. Had not heard of The Annex before, and haven’t been to Nola’s so I think we should definitely make our way over someday soon. I liked the sound of the turkey & feta meatballs. Cozy place, and yet the tables are a good distance away from each other, nice. And your entree at Nola’s – holy cow! That salmon & crab cake looked so delectable! Glad you two had a lovely night out. You deserve it! XO

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