Making a list

by Joanne on January 30, 2009

While sitting at my desk today, eating my lunch, I began making my list of clothing to take to Key West.  I’m getting a little punchy…and who wouldn’t? It has been a long, cold, snowy, blustery winter in New York.    

I’m planning to keep the blog posts up while away. Ted usually falls asleep first at night so that gives me posting time to journal our vacation. It should be fun. I’ve always purchased an album of some sort representative of the area we have vacationed. I would then note our daily activities and include pics. So this blog-journal is a first for me.  I’d love it if you check in with me daily to see what we’re up to. I’m going to play “make- believe” and be “Rachel Ray” offering a critique of KW food.   We don’t leave until Sunday AM so I still have more planning to do.  If you are wondering about Shane, he has a dog sitter come to the house 4 times a day.  He and She are best buds.  10630 Note:  You probably didn’t realize it was “having fun with Smileys night” did you? 🙂

Tonight we will be going to dinner – our Friday evening eating frenzy.   We’ll begin with happy hour- YIPPEE!  

Gabbiano 2007 Chianti

Gabbiano 2007 Chianti

I think we will wine and dine further at Franchetta’s.  I’ve posted about our meals there before.  It’s nice, small, very friendly with a “funny” flare.  I’m not going to explain that, just take my word.   A full synopsis will follow tomorrow.

I did get my “Mailbox News” today which I really enjoy looking through. The things people can do with cake and sugar! Amazing. 

Ouch! I just shifted in my seat and a pain got me!  I’ve had a “stitch” in my side ALL DAY…it’s REALLY bugging me now.  It is right at the top of my right leg and goes upwards on my right side. I’m ready for it to go away now….please!? 9601  Wasn’t I complaining about my hamstring earlier this week?  You know you can’t have two pains at once so I’m going to have to make a decision real soon!
mailbox news - cake decorating

mailbox news - cake decorating

You all have a super night and check back with me tomorrow. I’ve got to come up with some good eats for Sat. where we don’t have non-freezable leftovers and something that allows me to incorporate the Zukay salsa or relish.  If anyone has a super recipe…please pass it along.

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