Time for Vacation

by Joanne on January 31, 2009

My body is saying “time to take a vacation”.  I woke up and thought…”I could stay here all morning”.  But, since its Saturday AND we are leaving for 4 days, I wanted to get out and take Shane for a long run. 

It was 17 degrees. What happened?!  I was somehow under the impression it should be warmer today.  Got dressed to tackle that kind of weather.  It was snowing. Oh joy!  We set out and my…..hands…..were…..cold!  The roads weren’t bad, just beginning to get snow covered.  We had gone about 2.7 miles and…nature called for me. So we high tailed it home, only managing 3.58 miles.  I felt bad for Shane, so I played a little frisbee with him outside.  I tried to punch out a few more miles on the T/M. Nope. 1 mile was my limit today.  The bod. just wants rest! Major burn out. 

I cooked up a good breakfast even though it wasn’t deserving due to my lack of stamina this morning.  EggBeater omelet with asparagus and green bell pepper.  Topped with Zukayand feta.  That Zukay is something!  I opened it, and in spite of the warnings indicating it was very bubbly, really didn’t expect what happened next….

Zukay LIVES!

Zukay LIVES!

  Seriously… when the say it’s alive, they REALLY mean it. 

I topped my  omelet with the salsa and it was fantastic!  The Zukay is SO light but bursting with taste. You HAVE to try it!

This was one good omelet!





Last night recap….Dinner at Fianchetto’s

We walked in and had the place to ourselves…that didn’t last long.  As usual, we were greeted with such friendliness, it was as if we were family. That’s why we go, right?

We began with a recommended Chardonnay and Cabernet:






This Terlato from the Russian River Valley, CA was outstanding. It had the smoothest finish.  Definitely recommended!


I then had my favorite salad:  Salade de Chevre Tiede…Spinach topped with warmed rolled herb goat cheese on a toast crust.















For dinner, my selection was Tuna Steak Romesco..yellow fin tuna seared and served with a Romesco and Wasabi soy sauce on the side.

Out of this world delicious!




I requested a picture with our host and, tonight also our chef, since he was so concerned about our dinner selections, he prepared them himself.  You see, we asked a whole lot of questions regarding the sauces since we like the sauce “just so”. 

Joanne and Chef Pierre

Joanne and Chef Pierre

He’s just too funny…what a terrific guy.


…..and a little after dinner treat….




If you ever visit Utica,  Fianchetto’s is the place to eat!


I’ll be back tonight with a dinner that includes ZUKAY!   See you later and have a great day!

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