Do I need help?

by Joanne on November 13, 2008

Look what happened this morning when I dropped off parts at a vendor.


Oh No!  Also notice the larger size bagel sample?  I took the big one on purpose.  I wonder if there’s a self help line to call for my addiction?!  The worst part is… I’m determined to make some homemade GB Bagels. Thanks A LOT, Paneras!

As for last nights blog regarding the Tempeh, Sue is giving me a hard time because she doesn’t like the idea of her food looking like something she’s forgotten about in the fridge. Honest guys, the black is SUPPOSE to be there!  Check out the “Helpful Link”… the nutritional content of Tempeh is worth giving it a try.

This mornings workout was pretty good:  Shoulders and Abs.  See “Exercises” … “30 Minute Shoulder and Abs“.

Afternoon snack: nov13-thursday-002Carrots, Celery & 1 TBS Red Pepper Hummus. In addition to that snack, I grabbed a TBS of our nut and fruit mix that we make up and keep on the kitchen counter… typically when I get home at lunch and at the end of the day I reach for a bite or two. nov13-thursday-004 

Today when I got home, I was so excited to find my free T-Shirt from Women’s Running Magazine… it’s SO pink!




Ted went to put a penny or two on the new vehicle but we don’t want to give them all our money until the end of the month… after we’ve collected the little bit of interest on it that we can. Also, we don’t turn the Freestyle in until the end of Nov. so there is no point in having all those vehicles in our drive at once.  After 8 years of marriage, Ted is finally realizing how miserly I am and what a painful, oh so VEERRRY painful, ordeal it is for me.  Yes..I’m somewhat of a tightwad…skinflint…call me what you will. 

Tonight’s dinner: “Baked Tilapia with Shrimp Stuffing“… check it out on the recipe page. I’ll update it later when I have a baked-tilapia-stuffed-with-shrimp-0021pic….and here it is:

Have a terrific night!  … I’m going to make some bagels!

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