A Girl Trip

by Joanne on May 21, 2015

Just the girls road trip to South Carolina. 

The Girls

Sue did all the driving because I’m a turd and hate driving.


In my defense, I did not sleep ONCE while we were on the road.  Zoey on the other hand poked her head into the front seat every couple of hours when it was time to walk and stretch and do other things that dogs (and people) need to do.

We’re enjoying a visit with Mum and Dad as well as the hot weather while the North East is suffering through a dreaded cold spell.


Check out those morning temperatures!


Zoey and I did a 9 mile run this morning, heading out at about 6 am so we beat the heat, although by the end of my run (Z ran 6 with me), it had become pretty darned humid and warm for this North East body.

Sue did her her 5 or so mile walk around the plantation and we were both pretty warm. We cleaned up, enticed Mum and Dad to a breakfast out at Applewoods and got moving.


This place is SO good! The menu is pages long and there is no way anyone couldn’t find something they liked.  As for me, I was all about a healthy cholesterol free EggBeater omelet with every veggie they offered: spinach, broccoli, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and feta cheese. Grits on the side because I love them grits!  I’m the only one in the family that likes grits.  Everyone else had some form of egg, sausage or bacon and potatoes.


From Applewoods, we stopped at home then it was off to the Tangar Outlets.  Gosh! This place is HEAVEN to a shopper!


Lots of stuff for me, some stuff for Ted, Sue bought one or two items for herself (or Stef if she decides to give it to her daughter) and some very cute little boy items for her grandson. Needless to say, we had a great day.

Now it’s time to spend with family, enjoy dinner, and plan a walk with Zoey after dinner.

Memorial Day weekend is quickly approaching. What are your plans?   We don’t have any yet but there might just be a 5K race to be run through Brookgreen Gardens Sunday night!


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  • At 2015.05.24 11:51, Bonnie said:

    Enjoy your girls only trip! I agree w you -much prefer being a passenger. And anybody who has been a passenger when I am driving would understand why!

    • At 2015.05.24 13:09, Joanne said:

      We’re having a great time. The weather is amazing. I don’t think I’ll get away without driving a few hours on the way back but maybe once Sue sees how I drive, she won’t let me back in the drivers seat 🙂

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