30 Minute Shoulders and Abs

by Joanne on November 13, 2008

Do a shoulder exercise and immediately follow with an abdominal exercise. Work quickly but do not forfeit safety and don’t forget to drink water.

Warm up with at least 30 minutes of walking/running. Move your arms straight forward and back to warm up those shoulders. Even better, if a rowing machine is available, would be at least 15 minutes of rowing!

Using barbells and seated on a bench with a back rest for support, do 4 sets x 12 reps of the following:

  • Shoulder presses (15 lb – 25 lb). Then crunches on the ball 4 x 15.
  • Lateral raises (8lb – 15lb) NOTE: This is more difficult with your back support so you cannot do any swaying. Start with a lighter weight and increase with each set if possible.  Keep your arms as straight as possible but don’t lock out your elbows. Abs: Lying on the floor, do leg lifts with the ball in between your feet, your palms under the small of your back, pressed on the floor and raise the ball up and down 4 x 12. *Hold the ball firm between your feet or you’ll drop it on your nose like I did… ouch!
  • Front Raises (still seated on the bench). Use 8lb to 15 lb dumbbells. Abs: Knee ups/pull ins on bench.
  • Now use your cable machine, standing up, and do Reverse Flys: Use a very light weight and take the left cable in the right hand and the right cable in the left hand (cross over), keep your arms as straight as possible…if you can’t keep your arms straight, use a lighter weight setting. Pull back in a reverse fly for 4 x 12 reps.  For your abs, do straight leg lifts off the bench for 12 – 15 repetitions.

Now take your right arm, keep it straight, with your left arm hooked underneath, just beyond your elbow, and gently pull it across your chest to feel a stretch in that right shoulder. Push your shoulder down as you do this…away from your head.  Do the same with the left. 

Go for a walk or do some elliptical, more rowing….. for about 20 – 30 minutes to end a great work out.  Good Job!

*Joanne is not a fitness professional. I’m just passing along a routine that worked for me. Be careful and make sure your doctor gives you a go ahead before embarking on any fitness routine.

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