Aqua Aerobics For Everyone

by Joanne on June 3, 2014

A guest post from Kaitlin Gardner.  A fun way to exercise. You’ll never know you’ve worked out.  Kaitlin Gardner started to further her passion for a family friendly, green living lifestyle. She is married to her college sweetheart and lives in Pennsylvania. She and her husband enjoy going for long hikes, to get out and enjoy nature. She is working on her first book about ways to live an eco-friendly, healthy, natural life.

Top 5 Aqua Aerobics Routines You Can Do!

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This time of year especially, aqua aerobics is a perfect alternative to land-based exercise routines, which allows you to burn calories, lose weight and improve muscle tone. Being in the water provides two important effects: buoyancy and resistance. Best of all, because gravity is eliminated from the equation, stress on joints is minimized. Water’s natural resistance makes muscles work harder, which burns calories. Keep in mind that aqua aerobics is not going to expend the same energy that running on land might, but it is a great way to steadily burn calories, save wear and tear on joints, and stay cool, all summer long! Check out these other sites to learn more about the benefits of aqua aerobics and for more ideas on how to add variety to your water workout.




Aqua aerobics can be performed in any body of water: ocean, lake, or swimming pool. In fact, some gyms offer a “pool only” membership plan, and likely, water aerobics classes. If you prefer to exercise alone and you don’t have a backyard pool, check with a friend or neighbor who does, and see if you can “borrow” their pool a few days a week. In just 30 minutes, you can complete a fun, healthy exercise routine that will add variety to your workout regimen.

Here are five easy routines that you can do to improve your health by burning calories and improving muscle tone. As each one becomes easier, add more time or reps. Water weights, kickboards and pool noodles are inexpensive and easy to find at your nearest big-box store. Be sure to use sunscreen and drink plenty of water before and during your workout.

5 Top Aqua Aerobics Routines:

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1. Wall Run

Standing a few feet away from the side of the pool in mid-chest level water, sweep your hands back and forth to stabilize your body as you “run” up the pool wall and then back down. Alternate your lead-off leg each time. Repeat five times, with the goal of working up to ten.

2. One-Leg Balance

Using a pool noodle, stand in waist-high water and lift your knee up so that your leg makes a 90-degree angle. Place the middle of the noodle underneath the foot that is lifted off the bottom of the pool. Keep your hands next to your hips for balance. Try to maintain the position for one minute, working toward three minutes. Alternate legs and repeat four times.

3. Kickboard Kick-off

Using a Styrofoam kickboard, begin at one end of the pool, holding the kickboard close to your chest. Kick your way across the pool and back. Do as many lengths as you can. For an added challenge, hold the kickboard as far out in front of you as possible. Remember to keep your abs tightened the entire time. Rest between laps as needed.

4. Jumping Jacks

This may seem easy, but with a little water resistance, this simple exercise takes on a new twist. Standing in neck-deep water, do twenty jumping jacks, trying to build up to fifty. For a muscle toning and cardio challenge, hold water weights in each hand and/or use light-weight ankle weights.

5. Line Jump

This easy exercise is actually more challenging than you think and can be done in the shallow end. Imagine a line drawn on the bottom of the pool right next to you. Jump over the line with one leg, followed by the other. Then, jump back. Repeat this 10 times in each direction. Do the same with the imaginary line in front of you. Add water weights to your ankles for an added challenge.

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Try these exercises this summer and enjoy the healthy (and fun!) benefits of aqua aerobics for staying in shape and improving muscle tone.

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