Another Day in the Sunny South

by Joanne on May 23, 2015

We are loving this sunshine and warm weather. Sue and I start our day with our individual exercise routine, be it walk or run.  Zoey likes the exercise as well. 

Friday morning was a shorter run for Zoey and I since the long run of the week was on tap for Saturday.  We did a quick 37 minutes or 4 mile run around Heritage before cooking up an awesome EggBeater omelet preceded by a large bowl of mixed fruit and berries. Feeling fit!

Saturday’s long run was relaxed. I went out with Z for 6 1/2 then left the plantation area to run through True Blue, hitting some interesting backroads along the way. Got back home at 16 miles so I took Z for another 2 for a faster finish. Gorgeous day and enjoyable run.

Back track to Friday when we all piled into the car for a trip into Georgetown to dine at Alfrescos.



We’ve enjoyed many an Italian meal at this little nook.  As for today’s lunch, there were a lot of mistakes.

1. Dad;s soup was forgotten.

2. The oil and vinegar for my salad was forgotten and the feta wasn’t put on the side.

3. My pasta and shrimp came covered in sauce when I asked for sauce on the side.

4. The shrimp and pasta returned a 2nd time with a large bowl of sauce and STILL sauce covered shrimp.


It tasted good but no rave revues this time.

After lunch, Zoey and I entertained ourselves in the yard by playing Frisbee

zoey frisbee play

We tried to be a good dog and WAIT for the Frisbee to be thrown before running for it

zoey waiting

Then, when we were pretty worn out, we went for a walk to the marina.

walking zoey

Saturday, much the same with Frisbee play down by the fitness area

Z frisbee at rec

Sue and I took a stroll around the Island shops, spying on the baby ducks and mommas.



What’s up for Sunday? Well, much the same start to the day, not sure about the time in between but at 6:30 pm, I’ll be running a 5K around Brookgreen Gardens.  Brookgreen is a combination of art, history and zoo. Can’t wait to run around this site!


What are your fun activities this week? Preparing for the long weekend? Travelling?

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