Ski Snowridge: A beginners experience

by Joanne on January 29, 2011

My philosophy is this:  If you want to do something, don’t think about failing, think about being successful and just do it.  In regards to skiing, since I had a lesson in 1994 and then another lesson just last year, it only made sense that I was ready to go it alone. Toss myself right into the fire and come out unscathed. So I thought.

The start of a new day:  Got up and went for a 7 mile run.  It was the best run all week. A speed work run with hills included. Got my 57 miles in for the week. I was happy. In fact, I was so happy that when Ted’s ski partner for the day called and said he couldn’t go, I told Ted if he wanted company, I would go with him.  This is what happened.

Ted and I went to Snowridge in Turin, NY.  There was hardly anyone on the slopes which was great since I didn’t know how to maneuver myself very well but was pretty confident I could get down the hill in one piece since I have good balance.   Thinking skiing was only all about balance.  I wasn’t looking for jumps or anything, just point-to-point, no bumps nor bruises.


It was snowing so the photo isn’t that clear.  30 degrees, no wind. Great skiing weather.  Ted chose the hill and we hopped on the lift. 


No problem getting off the lift. When I looked down, it seemed like a very, VERY steep decline.  Still thinking, no problem-O, I started down the hill, slowly…trying to go from side to side. Gravity took hold and off I went, to the side, too fast. I fell.  My skis didn’t come off and my legs were folded up.  The more I tried to get my self in position to get up, the more my legs folded under me.

It was starting to hurt. My knees were really bent and now I couldn’t move. The skis were stuck in the snow, I couldn’t release them and my legs were cramping.  CLAUSTROPHOBIA!  TRAPPED!  I freaked out. Ted came over to me, got me up and I cried.  My body shook so hard because I was crying and shaking – it was a horrible experience.  My dearest hubby ended up walking down the hill with me since my right leg wouldn’t stop shaking.  It was like a total leg spasm from butt to foot. 

After all emotions were under control and my leg had recovered, we found the beginner hill. That’s right. The first hill? It was NO beginner hill it was as close to a black diamond as I’ll ever get (major exaggeration there but really, it was so traumatic, I’m allowed).  The beginner hill was great. No falls, spills, spasms, or getting stuck in the snow.  Perfect! 

We decided to move on to the next stage of beginner slope.  A little longer hill with a gradual decline.  Getting off the lift was a challenge for both of us. We waited too long and ended up jumping off and falling.  Amusing since we didn’t get hurt.  Starting down the hill, I did my side to side maneuvers again.  Then fell. Before another panic attack, Ted said “GET ON YOUR SIDE, THEN GET UP AND DON’T FACE DOWN THE HILL”.  Common sense right?!   Only a few short cries of “HELP ME” then I was fine.  Went down the mountain and decided to do it again.   I’m a bit of a masochist, obviously.

My last time down the hill. No falls from the lift. No falls on the hill. But when I reached the steepest part, instead of going side to side, I went straight down FAST and thought “if you fall, there won’t be a Boston Marathon because you WILL get hurt”.  I was going fast.   Ted got to the bottom and said “HOLY CRAP! You were going so fast!”  My response ….”I know!  I was afraid to do anything to slow myself down!”   Glad I made my hubby laugh hysterically and since I DIDN’T fall, I kind of chuckled about it as well. 


Time for lunch and something to take the edge off.


A wonderful red zin.


A colorful garden salad with O & V plus crumbly bleu


and a well chilled shrimp cocktail. 

So with food in my belly and my feet on the ground, I was almost happy. Next step, return the equipment and as I did, the guy working the counter said to me, as I took the last ski boot off “AH! Isn’t it so good to bend that ankle again!”   I said “You’re not kidding”.   My feet love their freedom!


Will I go again? Yes.  Will I let Ted pick the hill? No. 

Do you ski? What was your most scary experience while skiing or doing any sport?

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  • At 2011.01.29 19:15, Ann Calbi Alley said:

    Oh wow, I loved this! Good for you… myself and my high school friends were self- taught skiers, I have many stories like that….it is rather frightening when you get going really fast and sorta out of control….love your blog…and the pics of yummy food (and I bet that glass of wine was good!)

    Take care.

    • At 2011.01.29 22:03, Amanda @ BakingWithoutABox said:

      You are so brave!!! I’ve never skied and don’t think I’d have the guts to try. I’d be on my butt the whole time – if we’re lucky. My hubs grew up just a few miles from where you live (Fulton) so he cross country skied lots. I tell him I’ll be in the lodge with hot cocoa.
      But – you! You got mad skills! Glad you made it out with fun and no injuries to keep that Boston Marathon coming.

      • At 2011.01.30 08:39, J said:

        I have not been skiing in about 7 years but I think we might go today! I am slightly scared I wont remember how to ski!

        • At 2011.01.30 09:03, Joanne said:

          This sounds almost exactly like my first (and only) skiing experience, which was in college. I had so many panic attacks within the first ten feet of going down the hill that I too started to cry, insisted that my roommate carry my skis down for me, and then proceeded to slide down the hill. On my butt. I did end up actually going down a second time once I realized that pointing your skis directly down the hill is the worst thing you can possibly do. And now, so long as Boston looms in my future, I’m going to avoid the slopes. Because with my luck I’ll end up with a broken ACL.

          I’m impressed that you went so fast though and had the guts to keep going! That lunch must have tasted SO GOOD afterward.

          • At 2011.01.30 10:32, Bela said:

            Wow you go girl! Glad you had a great time!
            My last time skiing was when I was a kid and I become very up close and personal with a tree. Broken my leg, actually shattered the bone and wore a cast for 9 months……longest 9 months of my life and as a kid it was terrible. Also got chicken pox at the same time…..nothing worse than the itch from chicken pox and a cast all the way from your ankle to your groin 🙁 Becareful out there on the slopes and stay away from trees 😉

            • At 2011.01.30 16:21, Heather said:

              Glad you had a great run!
              Ha! I’ve never skiid before, but I definitely wouldn’t let Jay pick the hill! Lol.

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