Traction Action

by Joanne on December 26, 2009

Today was one of the worst mornings to wake up to when you have planned your long run of the week.  It was ice covered.  We made it over to MVCC and back, 1 mile.  The roads were icey and I didn’t trust that we could keep dodging it through a 6 – 7 mile run.  In some places we were forced off the road and into the snow.  It was impossible to walk. 

Although I managed to get some miles in on the treadmill, 6.5 total, poor Shane had to play in the yard.  I had him running around for 30 minutes while I took photos of the frozen tundra.

The other day, in anticipation of such a morning, I gave in and bought traction control for my winter sneaks.  I didn’t put them on this morning because it was super windy as well and I went out half hearted in regards to turning the other cheek to such horrible conditions.  Guess I should have tested them to see if they made a difference.  I’m sure I’ll have another opportunity.

I also bought “freeze foot” prevention for Shane

He doesn’t like the front ones but is ok with the back ones.  It worked out great the other morning when we went out because it was below 20 degrees, snowy and wet, and he didn’t get “freeze foot”.  

Here’s a little clip of his first time trying on the footies: *My voice doesnt sound like that by the way. I’d opt for an operation to my voice box – too annoying!  It’s no wonder Shane was trying to escape.

We received some more samples of an Italian liqueur called Fernet-Branca.  The description on the sample box says “Embrace the Bitter”.  OMG! They are NOT kidding.  This spirit WILL cure a hangover.  It has medicinal effects because it TASTES like medicine.  It’s strong and harsh. 

Fernet-Branca has 26 herbs and spices in the secret recipe.  It is an eye-opener that’s for sure.  It is further described as the world’s most popular “digestivo” – settling upset stomachs for generations.

Maybe it was because Ted and I sampled it BEFORE a few glasses of wine, but this stuff totally blew us away.  I wish I had been fast enough with the camera to capture Ted’s face after trying it.   😆

Read about it  and weigh up the advantages for your self.  It’s popular with the Italians!

Exciting news…we’re in the NEWS!   The local newspaper, Observer-Dispatch is doing a local business article on our company C-Flex Bearing.  Watch for it.  They took photos of a few things going on in the shop but only 3 people were working due to the holidays.  There should be a photo of Wayne (my partner) since he did the phone interview with the reporter.  Wayne insisted on a photo of me but I’m not sure that will make it.  They also took a pic of the two of us together.  It was a regular “Olan Mills” sitting!

By for now, happy day!


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  • At 2009.12.26 10:00, kilax said:

    Congrats on being in the paper!

    That video of Shane is too cute! I can’t imagine trying to get those little booties on a dog! I need to get some of the people ones for my shoes. 🙂

    • At 2009.12.29 15:22, Liz said:

      LOL @ poor Shane! My parents got similar booties for their dog, and she was walking the same way!

      • At 2009.12.30 17:46, Nancy Jean said:

        Shane looks adorable in his booties! I was hysterical watching him walk, and it seems that he’s only “flopping” with his front feet; the back seem to take care of themselves. I’d love to get a set for Darryl James, if you can send me the info?! Especially now that he’s getting a bit older. Just the other morning it was difficult to get him to come in, he kept picking up first one paw, then the other ’cause it was so frigid… his pads were icy cold when I finally got him inside. He seems to love it when I cup my hands around each paw and blow warm air onto it!

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