CNY A Taste Of Utica: Toasted Nuts

by Joanne on October 4, 2009

Celebrating a snacking Sunday with Toasted Nuts.  This recipe is found on page 15 of the local cookbook with all your favorites, A Taste of Utica DSC_0355


The recipe was posted by Michael Labombarda, he offers the following:

“Like many Italians, I grew up finishing every dinner with fruit, nuts, and “black coffee” (aka espresso) during the holiday season.  Toasted nuts are incredible.  For those of you who haven’t tried them, get a mixture of almonds,”…..hazelnuts..”and pecans.  Toast on a cookie sheet at 325 degrees for about 30 minutes (constantly turning them to avoid burning).
They will definitely hit the spot after a good meal or anytime.”

Although I was tempted to try adding flavors, salt, etc., I resisted and was glad I did.  Even though plain nuts are put into the oven, they come out bursting with loads of flavor.  This is how Apple Crumbles worked with this recipe to make, just like Michael said, an “incredible” snack.

  • 1/2 lb Hazelnuts
  • 1/2 lb pecans
  • 10 oz roasted, unsalted almonds

Preheat the oven to 325 F.  Line a cookie a sheet with aluminum foil (I’m lazy and don’t want to have to wash anything after ).

Spread the nuts on the cookie sheet in a single layer.  Place in the preheated oven with the timer set for 10 minutes. After ten minutes, stir around.  Set the timer for another 10 minutes.  DSC_1379

Stir around again.  Reset the timer for the final 10 minutes and remove from the oven.  Enjoy this healthy treat over that bowl of potato chips you might be tempted to eat while watching your favorite team today.


Approximate Nutrition:  1 serving.  Total servings, 18

  • 151 Calories
  • 14g Total Fat
  • 4.1g Carbs
  • 2.5g Fiber
  • 1.1g Sugar
  • 3.8g Protein

Wouldn’t these make great little gifts?..…DSC_1392


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  • At 2009.10.04 22:32, miranda said:

    this looks like a fantastic snack. I love nuts. Not to mention, this would be a great gift for the holidays!

    • At 2009.10.05 08:09, Michael Labombarda said:

      Hi Everyone:

      Glad to see some people are enjoying toasted nuts.

      Never thought about cracking a bunch of nuts and putting them in a bowl or jar for gifting. Our family always cracked them as we ate them.

      The picture here looks like the nuts are burned which would ruin them (probably just the lighting).

      The trick here is to toast the nights (in their shells) enough to bring out their flavor without burning them. It may take a few times to really get it down.


      • At 2009.10.05 11:45, Joanne said:

        Thanks Miranda.

        Thanks Mike for your input. I didn’t realize the nuts were still in their shells. Silly me.
        They do look dark, but don’t have any burnt flavor. They really came out tasty. We are really enjoying them.
        If giving as gifts, maybe cut the cook time down min. so they don’t color as much OR..put them on a lower level of the oven.

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