Applesauce Oats

by Joanne on May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco De Mayo!  But most importantly, Happy Birthday Teddy!  Teddy is 28 today.  We will see him for dinner tonight. Ted is cooking the two of them a turkey tenderloin. 

As for breakfast, I added 1/2 a cup of Organic 100% applesauce to the Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain cereal this morning.  A little cinnamon was added and a few raisins.  It was very good. Not too sweet and the flavor of the applesauce was more prominent than if I had added fresh apples.  The cinnamon was barely detectable but the raisins give it that burst of sweetness in a few surprise spoonfuls.

dscn0863The vanilla VPX shake had 1/4 cup of frozen raspberries added and there was 1/2 an orange on the side.


The workout this morning was legs.  It didn’t seem that “painful” but right now I’m really feeling it. That’s unusual. Typically I get the soreness in the evening and really bad the next day.  Look out tomorrow!

  • A 3.3 mile run for warm up.
  • 4 sets each exercise x 12 reps.
  • Leg presses. Walking Lunges
  • Hack Squats. Dead Lifts
  • Seated leg curls. Seated calf raises
  • Leg extensions. Ab crunches on the ball.

Shane and I went for a 2.8 mile walk.  My legs were a little jelly-like during our walk.  Shane was a nuisance this morning. He was biting at my glove … yes, I am still wearing gloves and a hat. It was 43 degrees this morning.  He then started grabbing sticks, paper, smashed cans…. and lunging forward at a run, jumping, running… what a pain!  The leash I had on him this morning was the one that goes around my waist – hands free. So you can imagine the torture I was going through during all his commotion.   Now he sleeps. Wish I could. My eyes are heavy.

That’s all for this Tuesday. Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo.

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  • At 2009.05.05 08:23, Danielle said:

    What a delicious looking breakfast!
    I’ve never seen a leash that goes around the person’s waist, what a good idea though!

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