Looking at nature

by Joanne on April 29, 2009

Some pictures from around the yard. It is a gorgeous afternoon and should be enjoyed from the outside.  What a wonderful life.

Do you have a favorite?  Mine is the robin egg.

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  • At 2009.04.29 19:59, Soma said:

    mine too:-) the birds had made a nest ( they do it every year ) in our porch but the nest fell in the wind & the poor eggs broke:( it happens every single year.

    • At 2009.04.30 06:14, applec said:

      Amazing! We hang plants from our porch and the robins insist on making nests in them. I am always afraid the hanger will give way as the babies get heavier, but it usually lasts. Even though they kill the plant, I love watching life develop. Beautiful.

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