So much in so little

by Joanne on April 22, 2009

Phew! Everything that was speeding through my mind was accomplished.

This morning’s activities:

  • Up with a little hesitation to work out.
  • A 2 mile run and 12 minutes on the rower
  • A back and tricep workout.
  • A 2 mile run with Shane and some walking for a total of 2.95 miles
  • Once home, up the stairs,  washed up, dressed and out the door to WalMart.
  • Picked up some items to complete my agenda tonight and it was back to Creekside to meet Ted for breakfast.
  • Put gas in the Jeep.
  • Made it to work only 5 minutes later than normal. …as I said…”Phew“!


As I came downstairs from washing up I mentioned breakfast to Ted. He had already toasted a couple of waffles, poured cereal in a bowl, sliced a banana and strawberries and made his protein shake.  He looked at the intended meal, the soy milk had yet to be poured. It would all keep for later. Agreed! Breakfast it was. 

Off I went to WalMart while Ted showered and dressed.

My usual Veggie Giambrotte at Creekside made with EggBeaters, Feta, hot peppers, with dry Rye toast.  Doesn’t get much better…



Now I’m behind because I took this break to post.  Gotta go. Have a great day! The sun is shining.

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  • At 2009.04.22 10:36, Danielle said:

    What a busy morning!
    I love your breakfast!

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