A quick thought for dinner

by Joanne on February 18, 2009

I didn’t really have any plans for dinner because Ted had left overs and was planning to visit Nicholas tonight.  I did end up cooking Radicchio and a Buttercup squash.  I didn’t like the Radicchio, it was bitter.  The squash was ok, but not one of my favorite.

The Radicchio was sauteed with some onions, 4 slices of chopped soy bacon, a little flavored EVOO, I added some lemon and sauteed until slightly browned on all sides.



The Buttercup squash was done 10 minutes in the microwave. I scooped out the meat, added a little salt and pepper, about 1/4 cup of Vegetable stock and put it in the oven on 400 for 15 minutes.

My main dish was cooked Morning Star crumbles.  That always works out pretty good for me.  Really easy to do, by simply sauteing onion, some garlic, add the crumbles, a little soy sauce, pepper, and, again, about 1/4 cup Vegetable stock.  I had that over black beans which I’m trying to incorporate back into my night time meal.




The highlight of my day was arriving home to 2 things:

1.  Harry and David Royal Velvet Plums (I’ve never seen yellow ones before?!)

And 2nd, a great little gift from Foodbuzz! … you other Foodies probably received them as well. Little business cards!




Foodbuzz business cards for Apple Crumbles

That’s all for tonight guys. Hope you have a good one and I’m off to get a lot of stuff done for this weekend. Nighty night!

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  • At 2009.02.18 20:30, annie said:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I am so glad you did because I really love yours. I enjoyed looking at your fun pics and reading about your exercise and health tips. I exercise 5 days a week and have always loved staying fit and “trying” to eat healthy most of the time 😉
    I am slowly working back up to my normal exercise routine since a rollerblading accident where I hurt my knee and back.
    So I am taking it slow and riding the recumbent bike in the AM.
    I am adding you to my links and I hope to see you back at Mixed Salad.

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