CEimB: Nutty Granola

by Joanne on February 19, 2009

Cooking with Ellie and friends Thursday, CEimB. So much fun! ūüôā¬†

This Thursday was “Nutty Granola” page 38 of “The Food You Crave” by Ellie Krieger.¬† This is NOT just for breakfast and this was a TERRIFIC recipe pick by Lethally Delicious.

It was really easy to make and I did so on¬†Sunday for us¬†to enjoy¬†in a variety of ways throughout the week¬†to tell about today.¬†Keep an open mind because Granola is not just a breakfast food.¬† It’s a snack. It’s a flavoring. It adds crunch.¬†You can even use it as part of your main course for dinner.

Here is the Granola¬†being mixed¬†together.¬† I used Brown Family Farm Pure New England Maple Syrup (3.4 oz slightly less than the recipe called for).¬† Dark Amber (sounds like a beer doesn’t it?! )

Real Maple Syrup from Vermont used in Nutty Granola mix

Real Maple Syrup from Vermont used in Nutty Granola mix

The Granola Berry Blend: cranberry, raisin, bing cherry, whole strawberries

The Granola Berry Blend: cranberry, raisin, bing cherry, whole strawberries

The Finished Granola: A spoonful of goodness

The Finished Granola: A spoonful of goodness

Now..¬†here are the ways the Apple Crumbles pair used the Granola (take note of the flounder….:

1. Granola with Milk as a cold cereal

granola with soy milk

granola with soy milk

2. Granola with Greek Yogurt

Granola with Greek Yogurt

Granola with Greek Yogurt

3. Granola with Crab for a wonderful tasty topping on Flounder (see Tues. evening blog 2/17/09).

Crab and Granola topping for fish

Crab and Granola topping for fish

4. Finally, granola as a wonderful addition to hot oatmeal.

Oatmeal and Nutty Granola

Oatmeal and Nutty Granola

Ted had the Nutty Granola in a bowl with just hot water and said it was very good. 
It was just too easy and too good. A simple mix of 3 cups Old Fashioned oats, 1/2 cup each, walnuts, almonds, pecans, maple syrup, 1/4 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 cup dried fruit (recipe called out raisins as optional).
Cook the above at 300 for about 30 minutes.  I added more than 1/2 a cup of dried fruits because Ted and I enjoy them so much.
Get the book and give this healthy, sweet Nutty treat a try!
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  • At 2009.02.19 09:49, Jessica said:

    Whoa – tahk for the idea! I never thought of pairing it with something savory, but I could really see this tasting great with fish or chicken.

    • At 2009.02.19 09:51, pamela said:

      Even though it was darker than I wanted, I still liked it. Funny, I was just thinking about adding a bit to my oatmeal. Great minds think alike, I guess! :o) Great job and I’m glad you enjoyed it so much.

      • At 2009.02.19 10:18, Aggie said:

        Love your granola!! And I love all your ideas to eat it!

        I LOVE granola on frozen yogurt too…mmmm

        Love this group! Thanks for visiting my blog!

        • At 2009.02.19 10:23, Peggy said:

          You really got creative with yours girlee!! I just ate it on yogurt or on cereal or right out of the baggie! I probably need to wait a week or so before making any more though because I tend to go hog wild over something and then I get tired of it eventually. I don’t want to ever get tired of this! Yours looks delicious. It’s so nice baking with you each week!

          • At 2009.02.19 11:24, Sara said:

            I like your dried fruit mix, I also added extra fruit to the granola. I have been snacking on it all week right out of the container, I will have to branch out and try some of your suggestions.

            • At 2009.02.19 11:25, Cathy said:

              Oh, I completely agree with you! I am just bursting with excitement over how wonderful this granola is. I love your ideas for using it — you are right, this is versatile stuff. It all looks great!

              • At 2009.02.19 12:29, Mary Ann said:

                Wow- what great ways to use your granola! I am especially intrigued that you used it on the fish. Ours didn’t last long enough to really do much with. Looks great!

                • At 2009.02.19 13:51, Leslie said:

                  I’m so inspired by all of the ways you used this! And I love the dried fruit combo you used in place of the raisins. Thanks for cooking with me this week!

                  • At 2009.02.19 14:21, applec said:

                    Thanks for all your comments. I went to everyone’s site and thought we all did a really great job with this recipe.

                    • At 2009.02.19 15:21, Gabi said:

                      Great ideas for using your granola- I love to eat it with Greek yogurt and fresh fruit the best.
                      Happy Thursday to you ūüôā

                      • At 2009.02.19 16:07, Blond Duck said:

                        Popping in to say hi! I love your blog!

                        • At 2009.02.20 09:33, applec said:

                          Thanks for all the great feedback!

                          • At 2009.02.20 11:52, Natalie said:

                            Your granola looks fantastic. Thanks for all the ideas!

                            • At 2009.02.20 16:49, Leanne said:

                              Oh I love it in oatmeal too. Actually I love it just about anyway. Your Back to Nature Mix makes an awesome add in.

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