Running Balance and The Mint Julep

by Joanne on June 25, 2013

I constructed a training plan a few weeks ago for Ted’s first marathon which is Chicago in October.  Ted went into this plan with an Achilles injury.  He’s prone to back problems as well as plantar fasciitis.  He is also training for 4 more triathlons this summer.  It was quite the challenge putting a plan together, incorporating his triathlons as well as keeping him injury free or at least not exasperating the current problem( s ).

So far so good but his running miles are staying low.  He follows the schedule, e.g. “Run 60 minutes easy” but if he finds any pain worsens, he will go into the gym and finish the required time on the elliptical trainer.  Not “running specific” but he is maintaining his endurance and the elliptical closely mimics running without the stresses on painful tendons.

One more discovery we made with Ted:  running with the dogs effects him in a negative way.  Even wearing the leash around the waist can effect running form.  The dogs might jerk him to one side.  They might lunge forward, jerking him forward.  He may be focused on the dog for some reason and trip or fall.  The end result is that running with our dogs gets him off center, out of balance and hurting.

Maintaining balance when running is so important which is why the best coaches don’t ask you to change your running form.  The best advice comes from Greg McMillan “Run Tall”.  As you embark on your fall marathon plan, keep your balance and run tall and don’t get injured.

What’s the best advice you’ve received, read, or heard from a coach?

Minty Drinks

It just dawned on me that I never shared my Mint Julep recipe with you.  Wait no more!

Will I EVER be able to use all that mint in our garden?!  Probably not, but we’re trying.

Mint Julep4

We celebrated all this lovely rain by tasting Mint Juleps for the first time.

Mint Julep3

Makes 2 Drinks

  • 6 oz bourbon (we used Jim Beam)
  • About 30 mint leaves
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • Powdered sugar
  • mint sprigs

Place washed mint leaves into a large glass and pour 3 oz of bourbon over the top.  Allow them to soak for 30 minutes.

Heat the water to a boil and add the sugar. Stir to dissolve.  Set aside to cool.  When the sugar syrup has cooled, pour it over the mint leaves soaked in bourbon.

Pour in the remaining 3 oz of bourbon and put into the fridge to chill.  *Overnight is best to let the flavors really come out.

Fill 6 to 8 oz glasses (or mint julep glasses) with crushed ice.  Place a mint sprig on the ice then fill the glass to the top with more ice.

Insert a straw into the ice and near the mint sprig in the middle so when you sip the drink through the straw, it will pull the flavor from the fresh mint leaf tucked into the ice.  Pour the bourbon/mint liquid over the top.  Sprinkle powdered sugar on top of the ice, insert a mint sprig and enjoy.

Mint Julep1

Ted really enjoyed this drink. I thought it was good but bourbon is not for me.

Mint Julep2

Have you ever had a mint julep?  Have you ever been to the Kentucky Derby?


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  • At 2013.06.26 07:36, Heather said:

    Are you running Chicago with Ted??? That sounds FUN!

    • At 2013.06.28 20:50, CCU said:

      I am sure your training is going to go wonderfully for Ted 😀
      Delicious mint julep by the way, it is so refreshing


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