A Peak Performance

by Joanne on December 14, 2008

It was cold on the family excursion today.  It was 19 degrees but there was a slight wind coming out of the East and that added to the chill factor.  The paths weren’t cleared so we took back roads until the walk home. That was a good one on the legs because we trudged through the deep snow on the hidden Parkway path. 

Ted and I split a banana before setting out this morning. Then shared another banana upon arriving back home. I put my half in a wonderful Jay Robb shake.  The breakfast was the standard mish-mash of vegetables and Eggbeaters:







Shane also had some eggs this morning. His were about 3 egg yolks left over from yesterday’s creations.  He ate all his usual breakfast (that’s amazing – he is SO picky!), so I cooked up 1/2 the left over yolks for him, simply adding a little salt, pepper, garlic and parsley.








My morning snack is going to be a Kashi TLC Chewy Honey Almond Crunch bar.  It  came attached to the cereal Ted p/u yesterday.  Since he ate my Chex Turtle bar earlier in the week, I have dibs on the TLC bar.  I got the better deal.


The plans for the day

At about 2PM, we are meeting friends to watch “The Nutcracker” performed right across the street at MVCC theater.  It is being performed by the Munson Williams School of Dance.  I’ve always wanted to see this production so I’m really looking forward to it.  Can you believe when I was little, The Nutcracker kind of spooked me out?!  It think it was when the little rat soldiers start waring with the others near the tree (if I’m remembering correctly?). 

On to good things now. Have a sun shine day.  The End.

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  • At 2008.12.14 13:18, fitnessfig said:

    I love those Kashi bars and cereals but I can’t eat them currently (because of my braces).

    Just wanted to let you know you won a giveaway over on my blog, so come check it out!

    • At 2008.12.14 16:59, VeggieGirl said:

      I ADORE The Nutcracker!! Enjoy 🙂

      • At 2008.12.14 18:37, applec said:

        Fitnessfig… thanks! I’m excited and….those kashi bars are really too good to have “good for you” claims.

        VeggieGirl: I enjoyed it so much! I’d love to see a NYC version but for small town Utica, the performance today was pretty good. My hubby would’ve preferred football…he def. needs to increase his appreciation for the performing arts.

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