Dirty Dishes, Sore Foot

by Joanne on December 12, 2008

It’s not “Black Friday” is it? 

Today began with a painful walk with Shane.  The heavy, wet snow was falling towards us as we walked down the Parkway.  It was painful as it hit my eyes because I forgot my brimmed hat.  The walk was cut short as we turned at the Zoo because, along with the eye pain, I was getting a blister on my right foot.  Luckily, as we turned towards home, the snow wasn’t hitting my face anymore, but the blister was getting worse and my left foot was soaking wet. It was a 58 minute very slow walk.  3.8 miles.  Since Shane wanted to have some more fun in the snow, I did suffer about 15 more minutes outside tossing snow balls and his red kong ball.  What fun!

My pre walk snack was 1/2 a banana with Naturally Nutty Vanilla Peanut Butter:

friday-breakfast-001  As I was getting my breakfast ready, I was reminded to check to see if  Ted managed to fix the dishwasher.  Last night, the typically reliable appliance decided that it wouldn’t allow us to open its door. It completely locked up.  No… still wasn’t going to open this morning. Nuts!  Now I have to wash dishes … could life be any more difficult! 9482

On to the eats.   Fuze Shake with Jay Robb protein, 1/4 banana, a few pcs. of chopped pear, lots of  ice and water.   Had cream of rye today, with apple pie spice, chopped pear and 1/4 banana. 

friday-breakfast-002Now I will leave you with a did you know….Nintendo’s Wii was the most wanted Christmas gift in 2007.  Hmmm….that for some reason comes as no surprise.  Have a super smilin’ day!

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