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by Joanne on December 4, 2008

smart-labelCheck out this label.  As per FoodProcessing.Com, the label has been unveiled by Keystone Center, a nonprofit group to allow consumers to make informed purchases to enhance public health.  Products which qualify will be required not to exceed standards based on Dietary Guidelines for Americans, FDA standards and reports from the Institute of Medicine.  These standards include total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, added sugars, and sodium.  Lets hope we start seeing it soon in our area!

I’m at work for lunch today. Ted and Shane came to keep me company. 

Quick Spinach Salmon Salad

Quick Spinach Salmon Salad


I threw together a quicky lunch when I left this morning. It was spinach, cherry toms., cucumber, red pepper, radish, brown rice, a little cup of salmon, and Asian F/F dressing.

 I think Ted was afraid to stay at home by himself as he had a bad dream last night.  He just bought a new BLUE Corvette but it wouldn’t go any faster than 10 mph.  As he was puttering along, he noticed a mule catching up to him.  He kept trying to make the car go faster but it wouldn’t go. Then he saw 2 police officers up ahead and stopped to tell them about his problems and the mule.  He was so frustrated in his dream! He kept putting his foot right to the floor but the car wouldn’t go.   mule1gal

Ok. Now… all you dream therapy professionals out there…what’s the verdict?

I’ve been nibbling at a Peanut Butter CarbRite bar throughout the morning even though I ate my Oskios yogurt and trail mix snack.  My mouth must be bored.

My lunchtime company has gone so now it’s back to work. Tune in later for some dinner news.  See ya!

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