To Work in a Jiffy

by Joanne on December 4, 2008

We watched a good moving last night: Ironman.  It was a heap better than The Hulk. Stef told us that Ironman was a lot better and we took her up on her recommendation. Thanks Stef!


Got a call from Sam this morning, Sue is sick in bed with what sounds like the flu. Wayne tells me he has much of the same thing. GREAT! I’m armed with Clorox wipes and Lysol…. wish me luck.

This morning I didn’t run. My legs were kind of heavy and my heart wasn’t into it so I did 40 minutes on the ET.  40 minutes training back and biceps. Now you’ll note that I trained back on Monday. Just goes to show that when you have a gym in your house, you’re not always completely awake when you use it. So now my  weekly sched. is  messed up and if my obsessiveness kicks in, I’ll be down there tomorrow morning (my w/o day off) doing Chest.   Back to today… walked/jogged with Shane for 45 minutes.  We did about 3.5 miles. Total calories burned through exercise, about 650.

Pre workout shake was a Jay Robb Chocolate. Breakfast was a scoop of Jay Robb Chocolate + 2 oz blueberries + small pc. of banana (donated by Ted) + 1/4 cup FUZE + ice and water.  1/4 Cup Cream of Rye hot cereal with 1/4 cup FUZE, some pumpkin pie spice + small pc. of banana.  Total cals. including the prework out shake was 421.  Total protein was 58. Carbs. 46. Fat 1.3.


That was my 10 minute work break for blogging… back to the grind.  Have a super day, All!  Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?

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  • At 2008.12.04 10:34, runningwithfood said:

    Noooo … I haven’t even STARTED shopping yet!!! I’m so behind!!! I need to pause time so I can catch up! Hee hee!

    Have a good day!

    • At 2008.12.04 12:37, applec said:

      I still enjoy cyber shopping SO much better. How can you not?!… no waiting in line, no crowds to slow you down, no breaking a sweat trying to get from one store to another… I just love tapping the keys!

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