Brewster Inn: Bike, Eat, and Run

by Joanne on August 4, 2013

It took us 7 months but we finally used our gift certificate from Richard for the Brewster Inn in Cazenovia.  It was Wonderful…and I really mean with a capital “W”

Brewster INN

We checked into room number 31, a carriage house room, by 2 pm.  A quick change into bike shorts and off we went on a 15 mile ride along the Cazenovia Triathlon bike course which Ted will be doing next weekend.  It was very scenic with bounding fields, large houses on the lake, boats, farms, just perfect.  We took our time over the rolling hill course.  I stayed far enough behind Ted so he couldn’t hear my cursing up the more challenging hills.Annoyed

After getting cleaned off from a not so relaxing ride (but rewarding – I was pleased with myself to be able to handle some of those hills since it was only my 4th time on the bike this summer), we went for a walk into town.  The street vendors were just packing up so we didn’t peruse anything under the tents on the street. I did have my eye on a dress in a little store, I just  happened to notice as we drove into town.  Unfortunately for me, fortunately for the store owner, I liked the dress and a pair of pants as well.  Ted doesn’t get into dress shopping (can you blame him?!) so he checked out our next stop of the day: a little tavern where we enjoyed a glass of wine and a brew-ski.  It was down a flight of steps, cool but cozy.  Such a nice way to wind down after a good workout.

Our dinner reservation was for 6 pm but we got in at 5:30 pm since we were past hungry, bordering on starving.  See for yourself why dinner was just plain amazing.

Assorted breads with basil pesto (basil fresh from the garden next to the Inn)

brewster bread

Appetizer of Thai Calamari with pineapple sauce and peanuts

Brewster calamari

Fresh, crisp green salad with oil, vinegar and Maytag Blue Cheese crumbles

Brewster saladBrewster blue

Just one negative note:  I really like gorgonzola and blue cheese but this Maytag blue was extremely sharp.  It was bit too strong for me which is a first!

Dinner for both of us was Chilean Sea Bass served with a mojo cucumber sauce and a lime herb dressing.

Brewster Bass

On top of sautéed spinach and brown rice. I want another …please?!

After dinner, we had to walk off some of that meal so we strolled past the Brewster and happened on some girls swimming and kayaking.  Since there was bra hanging from a tree branch, we thought it best not to stick around for what else we might see.  Winking smile

Further down the lake, men were dangling some worms

Brewster walk

So relaxing.  The Brewster Inn. It’s the place to stay if you visit Cazenovia.  So peaceful, perfect location, lots to do, ride a bike, run, swim, kayak.  Just perfect.

Our room was quiet and comfortable.  We were asleep by 10 pm which could only mean we would wake up by 6 am to hit the road for a long run.  Ted was doing 14, his longest mileage since December.  I was up for 16. 

We were on the road by 6:45 am and heading towards Deruyter from Cazenovia on route 13.  Deruyter is 14 miles away so if we went half the distance, it would work out perfectly.  The road was rolling hills which you just can’t escape in Madison County.  I did some loops and stayed with Ted.  The slow run was really good for me.  I had so much left when we stopped and felt great. Ted had a good run. His ankle didn’t cause him too much grief and he only stopped to stretch twice.  He’ll be ready to run Chicago in no time.

Next weekend, we head back to Cazenovia when I get to cheer for my main man in another triathlon event.  I get so excited being a spectator!

How was your weekend? Did you go anywhere special?

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  • At 2013.08.05 08:42, Donna said:

    my niece had her wedding reception there many years ago….it is gorgeous!

    • At 2013.08.05 10:42, Joanne said:

      It was just perfect. Not only is The Brewster Inn nice, but the location with so much to do – that’s perfect 🙂

      AND… we are back again next weekend for Ted’s Tri. Unfortunately won’t be staying overnight.

    • At 2013.08.05 09:31, Ali @ Peaches and Football said:

      How pretty! Glad you guys had a nice and relaxing time. It’s so much fun to try out new places!

      • At 2013.08.05 10:42, Joanne said:

        Wish we did it more often … but then we’d be spoiled 🙂

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