I Heart Keenwah: The Mother Grain

by Joanne on January 18, 2013

After a week of what Ted and I now believe to be Salmonella poisoning, we are getting back to normal. Although the thought of eating eggs still makes my tummy turn and I can’t eat salads, I am taking in a lot of good nutrition by lentil soup, gluten free whole grain toast, and snacking on iheartkeenwah (more on that below).   I even stepped out for a chilling but effective 5 mile run this morning.  That’s the thing about having dogs, they need exercise and force you to get out there and JUST DO IT.  So we did it.  Shane first, then Zoey, took me for a run in the cold morning temperatures. The roads were clear, no wind, my legs felt very unstable but finally came back to me. I didn’t push it and certainly won’t brag about my “lightening” speed (cough! cough!) but that wasn’t the purpose.  It was a test to see if the legs, head, and stomach could handle the jostling.

Saturday will be another test as I try to get my legs turning over a little faster and going a little farther. Good luck to my legs and lets not forget the stomach. Hope everything comes together for another good morning run.

Quinoa:  The Great Grain.   Gluten free and healthy in so many ways.

I Red heart Keenwah. Yes I do.

2013-01-17 16.38.24

A snack that’s crunchy and slightly sweet, sure to satisfy all those afternoon cravings. It’s healthy, made with all natural ingredients, gluten free, and good for the body. Personally, I thought it tasted like peanut-brittle, but better.

2013-01-17 16.40.27

The 2-bite per rectangle size is made up of sweet, crunchy quinoa clusters flavored with almond or cranberry-cashew or ginger-peanut, or chocolate sea salt. Almond is the original flavor that started it all. The taste is simple, clean, and crisp.

2013-01-17 16.40.38

Ingredients: organic quinoa(whole grain quinoa, quinoa flakes, quinoa crisps), almonds, tapioca syrup, dried can syrup, honey, almond oil, baking soda, and salt. Simple right?

Remember how good quinoa is for the body. It’s known as the "mother of all grains" and dates back to ancient times when the Incan warriors powered their endeavors with small amounts of quinoa. It is the only whole grain known to be a complete source of protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids, the same kind of proteins found in meat and dairy.

2013-01-17 16.40.47

Gluten free, low glycemic, high in fiber, magnesium and vitamins. It’s a real super food!

i heart keenwah can be found online (phew! ’cause unless our local health food store has it, I’m out of luck) at www.iheartkeenwah.com It’s about $4.99 per package.  Love this super crunchy snack especially when I don’t want empty calories to satisfy my hunger like crackers or pretzels.

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    So sorry to hear you came down with something while in Disney World for the Goofy Challenge. Glad you are on the mend! I love quinoa too and those clusters look yummy.

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