Surprises times four with Mary’s Secret Ingredients

by Joanne on January 14, 2016

It has been quite some time since my last blog post. 2015 was quite a year and it left me a bit on the UNsocial media side. But I’m back for a good cause which is to give a shout out to Mary’s Secret Ingredients.

If you have never heard of Mary’s Secret Ingredients, it is (and this is copied right from their site) "…a limited edition culinary surprise subscription box containing unique, gourmet products you’ve probably never heard of, along with a small kitchen tool, delivered right to your door. Every season, a limited number of curated boxes are filled with lovely surprises to inspire your cooking. Mary creates custom recipes using each product and emails them to you. We are in partnership with Feed The Children to end global hunger." Each box ordered helps Feed The Children.

It was with mouth watering pleasure as well as a satisfied heart for promoting such a good cause, that I experienced this year’s Winter Box.

Winter 2015 box

There were endless goodies.


This herbed coffee rub was absolutely terrific on pork ribs for my dad and Ted. A unique flavor of smokiness with a hint of robust coffee.


The winter herb mix combines all my favorites which I’ve used in hearty stews, soups and on some special fish dishes.


The Michel et Augustin Cookie Squares (really rectangles) were so good that I devoured both without offering one to Ted or dad. Their loss.

As for the Loacker Rose chocolates in dark and white, well….needless to say that no one experienced the velvety creaminess of the these fondants either. I don’t share well when something is super terrific.  Must be youngest child syndrome or something.


The NutRawBar in Pistachio was another good tasting snack. I keep meaning to look for these on line so I can buy more. These just made me feel good about snacking along with satisfying my sweet tooth.


Since I love crunchy and slightly salty crackers, these red and black rice cracker packets were another plus for Mary’s Secret Ingredients this season. I loved the purity of taste in these quick, crunchy delights. Gotta find more of these online as well.

All boxes will surprise you. All boxes with satisfy you. All boxes will introduce you to new flavors and products as well as adding to your favorite recipe collection.

Check it out for yourself. I love Mary’s and can’t wait for Spring!

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