Not that Goofy

by Joanne on January 13, 2013

Major disappointment. No WDW marathon and no Goofy medals for me.
Both Ted and I caught something. The flu? Food poisoning? Creeping crud? Whatever it is it forced us to spend all day and night Saturday in bed fighting chills, then sweats, and nausea.

I never lost hope to run. I even set the alarm for 2:40 but it just didn’t happen. I had no strength and could not stay vertical without stomach pain and light headed ness.

We made it outside the resort to see the runners pass by. I cried but knew there was no way I could have done it.

We tried to make it on the bus to downtown Disney but felt ill and had to get off at Boardwalk.

Ted keeps saying this could be our worst vacation ever.

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  • At 2013.01.13 19:04, Donna said:

    I am so sorry!!!!!
    I know how much you were looking forward to this and what an accomplishment it would be.
    Zoey and Shane feel bad too 🙁

    • At 2013.01.13 19:39, misszippy said:

      Awww….so sorry to hear this, Joanne! Huge disappointment, I’m sure. Rest up and feel better.

      • At 2013.01.14 11:09, Nancy Jean said:

        OH, my heart aches for you, Joanne. I am so sorry you were unable to run the Goofy challenge. But even more, sad that Ted’s first half and yours together was capped off but chills and nausea instead of champange. Totally sucks. I do hope it was just the 24-hour bug and that you’re feeling much better today. Ugh, I can’t stand it. It’s just awful…

        • At 2013.01.14 21:52, Pam said:

          I’m so sad you two got sick after accomplishing the half marathon together. I hope you let them know at the race you got sick after eating the food, sounds like food poisoning. Maybe they didn’t keep the foods at the right temperature 🙁
          Hope you are feeling better today and will be comfortable on your trip home.
          We missed spending more time with you, we hope to see you in the Spring or Summer.

          • At 2013.01.15 17:05, CCU said:

            I am so sorry my friend, you were most unlucky 🙁
            Feel better soon, chin up!


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