WDW Half Marathon 2013

by Joanne on January 12, 2013

The alarm went off at 2:30. We were both awake well before the alarm.  It was easy getting up, getting into running clothes and getting to the bus at the resort. The big, comfortable transport would deliver us to EPCOT and the Race Retreat where we would spend an hour before walking to the start.

Bagels, bananas, oranges, coffee, water, and more was offered to ensure a good race at Race Retreat.  We had our own little porto potty section as well as our own bag drop off. It was a temperature controlled tent but on this morning, it was cold and warmer outside.

Runners were called and we set out to our corrals only to hit a major delay in the huge porto-potty area.  After about another 30 minutes, the line began to move. It was a good 20 minute hike to the starting corrals.  We stood watching waves and waves of runners get to their corrals for another 35 minutes.   By 5:30, the wheel chairs were off. Finally, Donald Duck, featured with Mickey and Goofy on the big screen, did the count down for our corral and we were off. There was plenty of fireworks. It was such a festive beginning to a race.

TED regarding the start of the race:  It was an exciting start but I started too fast.

Ted’s right.  Due to all the excitement, it was difficult to rein it in those first couple of miles.  My legs were heavy since I didn’t have the opportunity to run for the past two days.

We ran in the darkness of the early morning for the better part of the race. The photo opportunities with characters began almost immediately with Capt. Jack Sparrow. We didn’t stop because when I took the photo of the big screen, my camera started flashing low battery.  Needed to be very picky and the Sparrow line was long.

We couldn’t resist the photo shoot with Donald and Daisy.  We did have a short wait but the line moved fast.  It was right outside the Castle.

There was a lot of noise and cheering.

This was by far the most entertaining part of the run.  We ran through Tomorrow Land in Magic Kingdom and finally through the castle.

The course is flat except for the ramps but they are so gradual, the climb is insignificant.

At mile 8, I asked Ted how he felt.  He said “ask me again at mile 10”.

At mile 12 I asked if we could kick it to the finish, but he didn’t have much left.  I was thrilled at the last mile. We weaved through EPCOT where the crowd was larger and constant and there was so much to focus on rather than the pain.

We crossed the finish line together and Ted received his FIRST HALF MARATHON MEDAL!

WDW Half Marathon5

So cool!  I was almost in tears.

We were walking with sore feet and tight IT bands. We stopped for an official finishers photo then went on to the massage tent for a 10 minute work over by some great therapists.

Back to race retreat to get our bag and food.  An added bonus, socks and a towel!

Potatoes, scrambled eggs, and fruit. They also had quinoa, sausage and other goodies.

It wasn’t soon after this that I started feeling sick.  Not sure why?  I ran slow and have never felt so bad after a half.

At the hotel, I took a hot bath, Ted a shower and we were to meet Pam and Heman. Unfortunately, Ted and I were down and out. We tried the pool and fell asleep. Went back to the room and fell asleep.  Pam and Heman spent their afternoon without us at EPCOT.

Our current status is chills and upset stomachs.  We are going to try to make it to dinner at Citricos but neither of us feel like eating. 

I’m hoping this isn’t anything too long lasting because I’m up again at 2:30 am and running double time for the marathon.  Not looking good right now.

One medal down and here’s hoping I’ll be taking a photo of two more.

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  • At 2013.01.12 20:02, claudia @Whats Cookin Italian Cuisine said:

    How very cool, great experience such a fun place and made it a little more fun in a great state with awesome perfect weather… great photos your around 30 minutes from me!

    • At 2013.01.14 11:06, Nancy Jean said:

      Loved the photo of you both with Donald & Daisy Duck … and such a wondrous course to make your way through TOGETHER! Such a special memory, and I’m hoping you were able to shake whatever it was that took a hold and got your second medal. Bob was playing basketball so home alone I grabbed up my cow bell — Darryl thought I was seriously losing it 🙂

      • At 2013.01.14 21:43, Pam said:

        So proud of Dad for running his first half marathon!!
        We are sorry you got sick after the race 🙁
        It was good to see you for a little bit.
        Pam & Heman

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