Conquer Yourself and Bob’s Red Mill Muesli

by Joanne on December 11, 2012

“Yet those persons are happy and poets sing of them who conquer with hand and swift foot and strength”  Pindar, Greek Poet 500 BCE, as quoted in RRCA magazine, an article reprinted with permission by Mitchell Garner, RRCA V.P.

During my 18 mile run on Sunday, I thought what a tough time I was having and cursed myself for walking while Ted ran on ahead.  Me, the seasoned marathoner walking while Ted forged ahead strong on his longest run to date.  My body didn’t have a lot to give after a 9 mile run on Saturday and I began thinking I just wasn’t cut out for these back-to-back runs.  But I’m training for the Goofy Challenge, an item on this runners bucket list so I’ll get through this training without burning out, having something left for hard training for Boston in April and just enough to crawl (if I have to) to the finish line at Disney World.

I read this article by Michell Garner, RRCA Vice President, originally appearing in the Ann Arbor Track Club newsletter, “The Streak”, called “Conquering Your Greatest Opponent: Yourself”.   Here are some salient points to ponder when you’ve run a tough race, not achieved your aspirations but still pushed through OR if you have an event pending and the going gets tough, think of this article.

Dan O’Brien, American Olympian gold medalling in the decathlon at the ‘96 Atlanta Summer Olympics had to fail miserably at the ‘92 Barcelona Olympics before obtaining his dream.  He didn’t let defeat squelch his aspirations, he turned it into motivation and made the come back in ‘96.  He overcame his greatest opponent – himself.

“We ordinary runners would be well served to take inspiration from O’Brien’s story, especially when running a race and reach a tough patch.”  “We see runners…” in the Olympics…” who have no chance of winning but they persevere, jogging, limping, some walking, still they finished and the throngs of spectators along the course applauded them for making the effort to conquer their pain and finish the race.”

“It is said that effort is the commitment in seeing a task through to the end, and not just until we are tired.  Life presents us with many difficult challenges.  To overcome these challenges and get to the finish line of our race, we should always give our greatest effort.  Like…the Olympic athletes, we have to conquer our greatest opponent – ourselves.  When we do so, we will be happy, and poets will sing of us, too.”

Bob’s Red Mill Muesli

Dec 9 baking mecca3

I got a surprise in the mail the other day.

Dec 9 baking mecca20

A package of GF Muesli from Bob’s Red Mill AND a cute little tack pin for my collection AND a little gift card for a free BRM product.  YAY! Christmas has begun!

I love Bob’s Red Mill products. They are so REAL. So NATURAL.  If you read the ingredients on this package of Muesli, you’ll be tempted to make it yourself.  Nothing you wouldn’t find in your own food pantry.  GF Oats, seeds, raisins, coconut… guaranteed you’ll be able to pronounce every ingredient.

Suggestions to enjoy Muesli

The “Swiss” way

Dec 9 baking mecca8

Yogurt, muesli, yogurt – soaked overnight.

Dec 9 baking mecca9

During these cold winter months, a hot bowl of muesli might be nice to get you warm before venturing out in the cold.

Bobs red mill hot2

Topped with blueberries, makes the perfect breakfast.

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  • At 2012.12.11 07:35, Heather said:

    I have no doubt you’ll be great in Disney!
    Try not to compare yourself to Ted. This is all so new and shiny to him so he has a different view on training than you do. 🙂

    • At 2012.12.11 14:35, misszippy said:

      Good, inspirational stuff, including your story training for Goofy and Boston! You’ll be ready for all of it, I’m sure.

      Love Bob’s Red Mill products!

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