First it was the foot and The Secret Garden

by Joanne on April 28, 2012

Didn’t do a lot of running this week.  Last Sunday during a short 3 mile run/walk with Ted and Shane, my left foot started hurting. It was a nagging ache all day.  Monday through Wednesday, I continued with short runs tolerating that aching foot.  Thursday was a different story.  My entire lower half hurt from a tough leg session with the personal trainer and there was a pain in my ankle. Just walking with Shane resulted in aggravating the ankle.  The foot pain was gone, trading one pain for another.

Friday, Ted took Shane for his morning walk but later in the afternoon I had to do something.  All that extra energy was going to waste. I loaded the “POWER” cycling dvd and did a tough cycle workout for 90 minutes. 

My plan was to head out with a friend Saturday for some faster running miles but my legs weren’t willing. The ankle hurt and my legs were heavy so I took Shane around the switchbacks for 8 miles.  It was such a beautiful morning, I wish I could have stayed outside longer.

sunny days2

The sun was shining, it was crisp and cool.  There was a slight breeze, just enough to offer a desirable challenge.  The switchbacks were empty, no walkers, no runners other than my dog and me traversing the rolling back woods of the golf course. 

sunny days3

No 12 miles today but an 8 mile run at a slower pace of just over 9 min/mile. My ankle isn’t hurting but it’s making itself known.  Guess my body says “rest” while my mind is saying “GO!” 

We have the 40 mile NYC ride next Sunday and then McMillan’s Running Camp a week from Wednesday.  Taking it easy is on the books until all the traveling is over then I can look at my summer training plan for up coming events.

Do you have your summer running schedule locked in yet?



Stayed up until 11:30 pm watching Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol even though I have a hard time watching ANYTHING with Tom Cruise.  I’m SOOOO NOT a fan.  Ted fell asleep, waking up only once in a while asking if anything was happening yet.  The only part of the movie I enjoyed was the short scene with the really cool car and becoming enamored by Jeremy Renner.  I’m sure there are better dvd’s out there.  Where are they?!!!

SECRET GARDEN – Restaurant Review

It’s funny how restaurants closest to your home are taken for granted.  Taken for granted because they are so accessible.  I guess it works the same if you live by famous tourist attractions, you may never go.  I live in New York State, 3 1/ 2 hours from New York City but have never been to the Statue of Liberty.  Go figure.

The Secret Garden is a small restaurant with an Italian theme located within 2 miles from our house. The menu is diverse and offers it’s award winning Chicken Riggies.  Ted and I didn’t imbibe in the riggies but we did enjoy other menu options such as the calamari served with marinara sauce.

The grilled salmon, lightly seasoned over grilled vegetables and topped with a tasty shrimp.

The chicken pasta for Ted in a light, but heavy on flavor sauce.

More grilled vegetables on the side. Fresh and sautéed to perfection.

The Secret Garden is one more establishments that we really need to frequent more often. Very good food.  The service was a tad slow because they were so busy but that didn’t mean there was a lack of attention. The host was busy making sure all guests were satisfied and the wait staff were constantly on their toes, making customers feel appreciated and important.   We’ll go back to The Secret Garden again…and again….and again.

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