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by Joanne on April 27, 2012

I’m not sure why useless, senseless, for-no-good, musings enter my brain and I feel compelled to search for the answer.  This morning was not different. “Is there suppose to be a certain order in which we get dressed?” Now  I have asked this question before and posted THIS.

getting dressed

Today I found a step-by-step method to getting dressed on Wiki-How.  Just in case you’ve been doing it wrong all these years, now you can read the following and correct any errors.

1.  Open the door or drawer to your wardrobe, closet, or dresser.  

2.  Check the weather on the internet or in the newspaper before you pick out your clothes. It will make a difference in what you choose to wear: heavier, thicker clothing for cold weather, or light, breathable clothing for warm weather. Alternatively, if available, look out of your window.

3.  Determine what you will be doing today. For example, will you be meeting friends, attending business meetings, or just heading to classes? This will determine how formal or casual your attire will need to be.  

formal dressnasty jeans

4.  Pick your favorite outfit from the clothing that matches both the weather and your planned tasks for the day. If they were folded in a drawer, unfold the clothes that you have selected.

5.  Put on underwear and undershirts. Make sure that you do not put your panties on backwards. This may cause a lot of discomfort if you are not used to wearing a thong.   WARNING!   Wear your bra the right way or else you might look a little weird!

6.  Put on your clothes. Step into your pants and put on your shirt, or put on a one-piece outfit.

For shirts, make sure the shirt is not inside out (tag is generally on the inside), either pull your shirt down over your head, or put your arms into your shirt and close the buttons on the front.  Dresses for women may require zipping or buttoning up along the side, back, or even front.

7.  Put on socks and shoes. Make sure to tie laces in a double-knot.


  • If you like to do fancy hairstyles in the morning, it’s best to do them after getting dressed, because when you pull your shirt down over your head, it might mess up your fantastic style.
  • Be sure you have a good variety of clothes to choose from. Make sure you have clothes and fashionable supplies for any possible weather situation. It’s always best to be prepared and ready for anything, so dress in layers and pick clothing that is stain and wrinkle resistant.

More Fun Friday Findings

Friday is…The sixth day of the week after Sunday, and the fifth and last day of the work week. The word comes from the Anglo-Saxon Frigedaeg, which means Frigg’s day. Frigg was a goddess of love in Norse mythology.


The color orange is….A secondary color of pigment the sum of red and yellow: signifies strength and endurance.


ORANGE- you feeling beautiful and strong today? Open-mouthed smile

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  • At 2012.04.27 12:04, CJ at Food Stories said:

    I love your post. I’m constantly asking silly questions and searching them out on the internet. Who knew I’d been getting dressed wrong all these years. I tend to check the weather before I open the closet door to pick out my clothes 🙂

    • At 2012.04.27 12:43, misszippy1 said:

      Well, happy Frigg day! I love orange, too (Boston orange, anyone?) so I like what it stands for. And now I know how to get dressed! Thank you!

      Have a great weekend. Big run plans at all?

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