That Pain in the Butt and Post Run Breakfast

by Joanne on January 7, 2012

Today was my 13 mile run.  It began at a nice easy pace since I was going to tackle some hills in the planned route.  Just over 5 miles and I turned up Mallory Road.  Mallory is fun to ride down on your bike since it offers quite a nice decline.  Of course that also means, taken in the different direction, it offers quite a challenging incline.  I took the “tough guy” route and decided to run up Mallory.  It wasn’t a run.  I had to walk parts and tried doing some speed plays to make up the slow pace.  Mallory sure doesn’t seem as long when you’re in the car!

As I approached the top of Mallory and turned onto Mohawk, another incline but more gentle, my tail bone started aching.  It was a high pressure deep and intense ache which lasted about a quarter mile.  It brought me to a slow walk and I even tried calling Ted to pick me up.  He wasn’t home so I soldiered on.  The pain faded into a shadow of it’s beginning intensity so I pushed through the remaining miles.  13.1 miles today at a disappointing pace of 9:41. What a pain in the butt!

What WAS that pain?  Here is a site that explains some of the causes:  Beginner Triathlete.   In my case, it was most likely caused by the bike workout Ted and I did on Thursday night for 40 minutes. Even though I was on the trainer, I was working hard and rocking a bit in the saddle.  A bruised coccyx?  Here’s hoping it’s that minor.


For yesterday’s breakfast enjoyment, our eyes were engaged by some wonderful wildlife scenery outside our window. 


Brave little lady.  She got a little closer then heard Shane barking out “GET OFF MY FRISBEE COURT!”


Surprise, surprise!  All that barking brought two of momma deer’s little ones out from the woods


They’re a “Pain in the Butt” in many ways, but it’s still nice to see them visit once in a while.



Just foolin’ around after my shower today, I came up with a new 2012 hair style


With the Chakra earrings, it looks just spiffy!


Not fit for work or going out in public but for putting away holiday decorations and cleaning up the kitchen, PERFECTO!

Runners POST Run Breakfast:  The Hungry Gal Egg-Mash

Did she eat it all?  Oh yes she certainly did.


1. A little olive oil


2.  Going toast and cheese-less, the players are:

a.  2 cooked slices of tofu

b. 2 TBS chopped onion

c.  4 TBS chopped asparagus

d.  1/4 of a cooked sweet potato, chopped


3.  That much Eggbeaters and some salsa on the side.


It’s a MASH!

But don’t forget the most important component of ANY post run breakfast (for some, it’s a pre-run component)


JAVA!  Cup-O-Joe!  Coffee, by any other name.


Satisfying and filling.  I missed the cheese (opted for Tofu instead) and I missed the toast (opted for the sweet potato) but felt fulfilled with all things good for me.

Oink! Oink!

What did you have for breakfast today?

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  • At 2012.01.07 14:58, Lori said:

    Those deer are so beautiful! Lucky you to have them come through your yard – as long as they don’t eat anything!

    For breakfast I had cream of wheat topped with almond butter and peach jam.

    • At 2012.01.07 18:33, Joanne said:

      I have to try cream of wheat. I used to eat hot rice cereal which is probably the same texture.

      • At 2012.01.07 16:06, misszippy1 said:

        Oh yum! That looks SO good. I had a breakfast smoothie that I made in my VitaMix–cannot get enough of that machine!

        Sorry on the butt pain. I’m glad it faded after a while. Hopefully you have seen the tail end of it (such a pun!). ; )

        • At 2012.01.07 18:33, Joanne said:

          LOL! Good one. 🙂

          • At 2012.01.10 10:53, Sandi said:

            Nice mash, especially w/sweet potato..yum!

            • At 2012.01.14 04:15, Sophie said:

              Waw, You see dear with their kiddies around your house, in the snow! How unique is that!

              Cool too! 🙂 Youe tofu & eggs scramble breakfast looks truly appetizing too! 🙂

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