Handy Manny Cake and More

by Joanne on May 13, 2010

Thursday Exercise:  Running only.  We went for a 4 mile easy run nice and early.  Round the block, to the college, and along to the golf course.  Looped around the 18th hole and headed home. The temp. was 36 degrees, dry roads, a little foggy ….Nice!

We had a special birthday in the family and I got to make Nicholas’ own personal cake:


Handy Manny


Marble cake, vanilla cream filling, butter cream frosting



I  was due at the First Aid class by 6pm so it was a quick, drop off, take some pics and run along to class.   The following is the birthday boy, his dad, and Grandpa at the beginning of his party.


DSC01152 DSC01153


Class on First Aid

Since I didn’t know how long of a class it would be, I stopped at DD for a medium coffee (keepin’ the eyes open) and an Egg White Flat Bread Veggie Sandwich (link offered for nutrition).  I tossed the top slice of bread and ate the rest.  It wasn’t my official bread night. That would be Friday…. sometimes Thursday….a little on Saturday and maybe on Sunday. OK! So Monday – Wednesday are not bread nights.  At least that’s something.


Got to class 10 minutes early and watched as the light bulbs were changed almost directly over my head.  Was I the intended “victim” for the night? 

Class began and went until 8:45 pm.  Not bad.  The video we had to watch, intermittently, was a bit boring but the interaction and participations made the class tolerable.  Learned a little, most of it I already knew.  My name was misspelled once again. I’m used to it.


Phase one of becoming a Running Coach complete.  June 19 – 20th, the studies and then the test. Hope I pass?!!!

Did you know THIS about Ginger?

I read an article yesterday that arrived in my email from the Institute of Food Technologists, the weekly newsletter, that says a study shows GINGER may be able to reduce muscle pain caused by rigorous exercise.  Interesting!!!!

I just purchased these little goodies and NOW, I intend to eat more of them after my workouts to conduct my own test.



They are VERY gingery and offer a nice crunch.  Fun to eat. Check the site,

GORAW for the “skinny” on the nutrition.  These little bites pack some serious calories but it’s all good.

Look for more about ginger at my EXAMINER site.


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