CEimB WW Pancakes with Nut Topping

by Joanne on May 13, 2010

This is one really good Sunday breakfast pancake or mid-day treat (according to Ted). 


Don’t let the long list of ingredients scare you, it’s an easy recipe.  The long list is simply due to the topping ingredients which takes no time at all to put together.

Who picked this weeks wonderful Ellie recipe?  Nicole of Dishin.  Visit her site to see how she worked this recipe.  It can also be found HERE.


The recipe says to toast all the nuts (almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds) in a skillet.  I didn’t want to do this so I turned the oven to broil and set the rack about 6 to 8 inches from the heat source.  I spread the almonds, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds (I didn’t use sesame seeds, I forgot them) on a foil lined pan and toasted for about 1 minutes. They brown quickly so you can’t leave them alone.  Also, the pumpkin seeds started POPPING like popcorn!!!

In addition to not adding the sesame seeds, I left out the wheat germ as well.  If I bought that, I’d be left with it to toss away and you can’t buy a small container of wheat germ.  At least I haven’t seen one. Guess I could use it in Shane’s meals, but I don’t like him having a lot of wheat either.

No additional salt was added to the topping (even though the recipe only called for a pinch) because the sunflower seeds I used were salted.


There is one Golden Delish apple in the recipe.  I used an apple peeler and corer which I got as a gift a few years ago but had never used.  I struggled a bit.


In order to not slice the apple into rings, I had to remove the slicer which was attached by a wing nut. I felt like a WING NUT because it took me the longest time to figure out what had to stay on and what had to come off in order to simply peel and core and NOT slice!  I ended up gutting the apple core with a knife.


The pancake recipe is a traditional whole wheat and buttermilk pancake but with honey not sugar. It wasn’t very sweet and, along with the topping, a little more syrup was needed.


This is a really good recipe. It will keep you full for the better part of the day.  Ted thought the topping was outstanding!  He really loved the twist from the usual plain 100% maple syrup.


Great pick, Nicole!


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  • At 2010.05.13 06:57, pegasuslegend said:

    wow these look and sound yummy such a comforting breakfast food~ love it 🙂
    .-= pegasuslegend´s last blog ..Parsley Pistachio Pea Pesto Over Pasta Recipe =-.

    • At 2010.05.13 13:40, Joanne said:


      • At 2010.05.13 06:59, Kayte said:

        We loved these as well. I forgot the pumpkin seeds at the store and didn’t trip back to get them, so mine is sans pumpkin seeds, oh well. I will try that variation the next time. Yours look wonderful. Mine spread out more, yours look a little higher, must have been the temp of my griddle, oops. Ted’s right…guys here could eat these for a snack any time of the day!

        • At 2010.05.13 08:02, Lori (Finding Radiance) said:

          That looks yummy!

          Haha – sometimes you understand why you get something and it sits in your cupboard for years without being used 😀
          .-= Lori (Finding Radiance)´s last blog ..Strength training move of the week and bagel nosh. =-.

          • At 2010.05.13 08:56, kalli@fitandfortysomething said:

            love the pumpkin seeds! oh this looks great!
            .-= kalli@fitandfortysomething´s last blog ..Reguvenated =-.

            • At 2010.05.13 13:41, Joanne said:

              Thanks, Kalli.

              • At 2010.05.13 09:43, Dawn Hutchins said:

                Gosh I so wish I could eat things like this. They look AMAZING. I’m struggling with being 5’3, a food lover and now having a little one to take care of when I would usually be working out (aside from my lunchtime and weekend workouts). Once she gets a little older I’ll have more time….

                • At 2010.05.13 13:43, Joanne said:

                  Ellie’s recipes mind the fat and are pretty healthy. If I was to eat pancakes, I could go for these but unfortunately, my stomach doesn’t take too kindly to one whole pancake. I have to nibble a little bit over a long period of time.

                  • At 2010.05.13 10:23, Lizzy said:

                    Hey girlie!!
                    wow delicious pictures!! ohhh my I want pancakes NOW! 🙂 hehe!
                    I hope you have been having a great week!
                    .-= Lizzy´s last blog ..Sights on SUMMER!!! =-.

                    • At 2010.05.13 13:43, Joanne said:

                      Thanks, Lizzy.

                      • At 2010.05.13 10:34, Lindsay said:

                        That topping needs to be in my life. Wow!
                        .-= Lindsay´s last blog ..Oven Fried Buffalo Shrimp =-.

                        • At 2010.05.13 14:10, Ana (AnActive Adventure) said:

                          This looks so good girl!! I hear yah about the wheat germ, I bought a container of it a couple of months ago and its still mainly full, wish there was a smaller container.
                          .-= Ana (AnActive Adventure)´s last blog ..Bit of My Story …The Results =-.

                          • At 2010.05.13 17:58, teresa said:

                            “i felt like a wing nut” lol! i know the feeling, often! yours turned out beautifully! i’m a little sad that i missed out on the pumpkin seeds popping. i just might put some more in the oven and try it out!
                            .-= teresa´s last blog ..CEiMB: Whole Wheat Pancakes with Nutty Toppings =-.

                            • At 2010.05.13 21:50, Liz said:

                              Loved them! I thought the nut topping was great!
                              .-= Liz´s last blog ..CEiMB: Whole Wheat Pancakes =-.

                              • At 2010.05.13 22:45, Margaret said:

                                These were different. I liked them better when I added the nutty topping to the pancake and then putting syrup on the pancakes.
                                .-= Margaret´s last blog ..{CEinMB} Whole Wheat Apple Pancakes =-.

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