Restaurant Review: Sumo

by Joanne on February 5, 2010

Sumo’s serving Japanese Cuisine.  Sit table side, at a Hibachi grill, or snuggle up to the Sushi bar.  The atmosphere is fun and exciting. The food fresh and bursting with flavors of traditional Japanese spices.

DSC00289 DSC00290


The menu, or should I say, the TWO menus are confusing in the meal options one can put together.


Ted and I enjoyed a table for two but had the option to order off the Hibachi Menu. We decided to personalize our own food extravaganza. 

We were first offered, what I thought was a basket of bread, but what a surprise when the server, offered this:

DSC00292 Before dinner towelettes. We felt so clean!

We kicked off the meal with traditional California wine:


Ted had the soup offered with his meal (a miso broth with mushrooms and small pieces of vegetables).  I enjoyed a garden salad with the most delicious ginger house dressing.

DSC00296 DSC00297

We ordered a basic sushi, not quite beginners, but a selection of fresh fish including tuna, salmon, and shrimp. I decided, in the future, I would stick to California Rolls.  It’s a texture thing.


The sauce for our meals was placed on the table near the attractive decanter of soy sauce


Our meals were served.  Ted enjoyed a shrimp and scallop stir fry.  The meal was all he expected but one complaint:   the scallops were over salted. 


My meal was the Black Sea Bass that was so crisp and sweet on the outside but moist and full of juices on the inside.  It was served over two thick slices of fresh tomato.


A large bowl of white rice on the side…


Maybe we should have asked for Sake or maybe tea but we craved our good old American coffee

DSC00309 As we were handed the check, the server placed this wonderful little surprise on the table

DSC00312 It was sweet like an orange yet the color of a grapefruit.  Amazing finish to a very impressive meal. 

Sumo Japanese Hibachi Sushi Restaurant.  A must visit for a change of tradition.

Now it’s time to mentally prepare for the first race of the season, a 10K Beer and Chili Run.  No pressure, just fun.  Fingers crossed that somehow, the weather is warmer than predicted and the roads are clear.  That challenging hill mentioned in the route description?  I only hope it isn’t any more challenging than the hills around our home. Wish me luck!

Teriyaki Marinated Fish With Sweet Plum Sauce on FoodistaTeriyaki Marinated Fish With Sweet Plum Sauce


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  • At 2010.02.05 19:51, Melissa Peterman said:

    What a delicious dinner! You have captured it well!

    • At 2010.02.05 20:51, Joanne said:

      Melissa: Thanks!

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