The First 10K Run

by Joanne on February 6, 2010

My first 10K run of the year.  The temperature showed 17 degrees when I took Shane out for a warm up at 7:15 a.m.  The run began at 10:00 a.m.  I took a few sips of water, put on a wicking shirt with a high neck and my thinner, but insulated white running jacket.  The jacket is light weight and always amazes me at how warm something so thin can be.  

We went for a 2 mile slow paced warm up.  I got hot and decided I would run the “Beer & Chili Run” at 10 o’clock in something even lighter, my violet Spring/Fall running jacket.  I realized the start would be cold but hoped the lighter jacket would allow me to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the run. 

Ted decided to accompany me with Shane on this adventure and we left the house at 9:00 a.m.  I had a banana with peanut butter as we walked out the door.  It would take us just under 30 minutes to get to Newport, New York and then I would take an Everlast Energy Shot.

The night before the run, we had a delicious meal at Perugia’s.  First, I sampled all the different breads in the bread basket and even made an apple sandwich.  The apple slices came on my fresh greens salad with walnuts and sliced green apples.


When I was about 8 years old, my mother would put slices of apple between two pieces of buttered bread. It was my favorite!

A delicious shrimp cocktail with Grand Marnier cocktail sauce (sweeter and less horseradish flavor than typical cocktail sauce).


We were served a rose sorbet to cleanse our palates. The taste was bursting in our mouths. It was so fresh and so clean tasting. I’d never enjoyed a sorbet quite so much.


Dinner was served but that was after I enjoyed a glass of red wine and went through 2 glasses of water. 

Dinner presented the sweetest tasting scallops served with endive, over couscous.   A brilliant meal.

DSC00411 DSC00412

Ted was kind enough to leave Shane a sampling of his salmon and the server wrapped it up just too nicely for us.


When we arrived home and I was walking Shane for his late night romp, thoughts on running popped into my head. 

  • “I love the way my legs carry me and they just fall mindlessly one in front of the other. How blessed”.
  • “I like running when the streets are empty and the quietness of the morning is “loud”. 
  • “I’d never wear head phones when running with Shane.  I know he can’t hold a conversation but he doesn’t deserve to be ignored”.
  • “It’s odd that I’m not nervous about the run in the morning.  I hope that lack of nervousness continues through tomorrow”.

Those were my thoughts as we walked along the dark, quiet street.  What are some of your thoughts the night before a run?

Saturday’s run: The Beer and Chili Run


I picked up my shirt and stood in the long line for the toilet.  I overheard the guys talking about the challenging hill facing the 10K runners.  “It’s not a nice hill.”  “It’s tough but I’m going to try to get over it”.   That didn’t make me feel good.  I thought to myself, “if I get to the 3K turn around and don’t feel good, I’ll just make it a 5K race instead of a 10K”.   I think I knew that wouldn’t happen.  I’d have to go for the challenge.  How hard was this hill anyway?

We met up with Richard Cohen, his father and now him have been my lawyer on a  personal and business level for years. Good thing we took this photo of Richard and me because……DRUM ROLL PLEASE…… RICHARD WON THE 10K!


Does that make me a star as well?!!!

The walk to the starting line was cold and negative thoughts were leaving my head because there was no backing out now. 

The whistle blew. The run began.   It wasn’t even before completing the first mile that I was thinking “I’m tired”.   That wasn’t good.

I saw Ted and Shane pass us in the car.  That was something to look forward to because I knew he would stop somewhere up ahead.


The 5K runners were turning around at their turn point. Should I keep going?  It didn’t look so bad ahead. Go for it.

The hill.  The hill wasn’t good.  I had to walk 20 paces, run 20 paces about 4 times to make it up. It was long and steep.  I needed Shane to pull me up it.  i wondered if there was a person behind me with a cell phone to call 911 if I dropped.  Finally, at the top, I thought it has to be all down hill. Well, it was for the most part but then at 3 miles, when I saw people turning, they kept us going straight. I wanted to turn!  We had to go PAST the turn to the 3.1 mile point then back track.  The worst part?  It was down hill about .1 mile so I had to run back up the hill.  Not very long you say, but at this point, any hill, no matter how long, how steep, looked painful.

In front of me, an older gent. stopped to relieve in the woods.  I took the opportunity to walk a few steps.  As he immerged from the bushes, I began running again.  It was all down hill or flat at this point. 

I don’t do well on down hills.  I don’t let myself go.  I tried…but my feet were slamming so hard on the pavement, it was painful.  I slowed it down.

At 6 miles, there was Ted again and he took my gloves from me. My hands were too sweaty to wear them.  I even had thoughts about getting into the car at that point instead of finishing.


The finish line in sight.  My final time:  55:36.  Pace:  8.56.  I was pleased with that since I really thought that hill was going to put me over an hour. 

Ted and I enjoyed the chili and beer.  They had vegetarian chili as well as a meat version. Lots of rice and Ted liked the beer.  No photo because we forgot the camera in the car.  Sorry. But just picture a paper bowl of chili covering a heaping  half a cup of white rice, sprinkled with extra hot sauce.  A cool, foam topped beer on the side. 

First 10K of the season down.  Not sure I want to think about the next one quite yet.


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  • At 2010.02.06 17:34, meghan Ling said:

    I love the race report and your picture with the winner! Your comment about not wanting to run with your ipod because you didn’t want to ignore Shane. I really respect that and I can’t wear my music if I run with anyone, not even our puppy. It just doesn’t feel right! Happy running and eating, yum!

    • At 2010.02.06 18:05, Anne said:

      Great job on the 10K and way to anticipate the winner and get your picture taken with him 🙂
      This was an excellent race report!

      • At 2010.02.06 22:35, Pam (@ TotalHealthCounseling) said:

        Congratulations on running the race!!! What a great accomplishment 🙂
        Thanks for sharing you story today, I’m glad you did well.
        Are you running the Boilermaker this year?

        • At 2010.02.07 03:07, Chaya said:

          Wow. I am impressed. You knew you were going to finish. It is in your words. Psychologically, you were prepared as well as physically.

          You are a positive person and that means you give life your best. At least, you come across this way,

          Congratulations on a job well cone.

          • At 2010.02.07 07:01, Joanne said:

            Meghan: Thanks. I hold some good discussions with Shane but he just doesn’t talk back – German Shepherds don’t have much to say unless they want something 🙂

            Anne: Thank you.

            Pam: Thanks. Not sure on the Boilermaker. All those people…all that heat! Not relishing the thought.

            Chaya: Your so kind. Wonderful words.

            • At 2010.02.07 09:25, Joanne said:

              Congrats on the 10K! That is awesome. Hills are rough. I ran my first marathon in San Francisco and no NY running even compared to the hills we faced. It was fun though! I can’t wait to get over this leg injury so that I can run again. I miss my races.

              Your pre-race dinner looks delicious!

              • At 2010.02.07 11:17, Liz said:

                Congratulations on the race! Great pace, and how cool to be friends with the winner! lol

                It’s so funny that you said you don’t usually wear headphones when out with Shane. I never really thought about it before, but when I’m out with my dog, I don’t wear headphones either. Any time I’m out by myself, I’ve got my iPod blasting, but when it’s the two of us, I just sort of enjoy the company. I hadn’t realized that until you mentioned it though. Now I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. Of course he doesn’t carry a conversation, but that has yet to stop me from talking to him =)

                • At 2010.02.07 11:26, Samuel Scialdone Jr. said:

                  Good job Joanne

                  • At 2010.02.07 13:30, Joanne said:

                    Joanne: Thanks. Hope that leg recovers. I know the hills in San Fran and can’t even begin to imagine what tough run that must be.

                    Liz: LOL – I’m with you Liz. Talking to your pets isn’t quite a crazy as talking to yourself. 🙂

                    Sam: Thanks! Love to hear from you since I never get to see you. You and Sue are home bodies. Good thing I work with her or I might only see my sis. once a year! Does it sound like I’m complaining?!!!!!!

                    • At 2010.02.08 07:31, kilax said:

                      Great job on your first 10K this year in the cold with a KILLER hill! We don’t have many hills around here, so I don’t have much to train on. I can understand needing to walk!

                      Chili after a cold run sounds perfect 🙂

                      Ha. I didn’t even think about Shane and not wearing headphones. I bet I wouldn’t if I had a dog to run with too. I mean, I talk to my cat… so I would probably talk to my dog! Ha ha.

                      Night before a race? I am usually too busy putting my outfit and gear together to think about much else! I am usually stress free too, but never really sleep well!

                      • At 2010.02.08 10:30, Joanne said:

                        Kilax: Anyone with animals just HAS To talk to them. They don’t say much but sometimes the conversations better than with a lot of humans.

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