Heavy Legs and Food

by Joanne on November 7, 2009

On Thursday, my aerobic activity consisted of sprints with walking rests on an incline using the treadmill.  I didn’t think it was that bad but by Friday night, my backside was killing me.  So sore!  I hate soreness when I plan a run on Saturday.  But Shane and I managed to eek out 7 miles today.  It was slow and maybe that was on purpose whether I was sore or not.  You see, it was a very cold morning but beautiful around the golf course.

We ran through the Switchbacks at Valley View and I couldn’t help but take in deep breaths of the fresh, crisp Fall air.  I thought I smelled something baking at some point, coming down one of the hills but I was too far from Granny’s Kitchen for aromas to travel.  Maybe I was just getting hungry? 

We scared a deer, chased some squirrels up their trees, crunched along as we trod on the dry leaves.  We met two doggy friends.  Shane wanted to stay and play but we had to keep moving.

It was a beautiful morning.

About last night….

Last night was a “meeting” of the Heavy Legs Wine Club.  The event was held at Twin Ponds Country Club and there was a presentation of light appetizers and a lot of wine. 




We enjoyed wine tasting and conversation with friends Bob and Nancy.  Since Ted and I hadn’t eaten dinner and the event began at 7pm, we stayed only for an hour but did manage to sample every wine presented.  When there are that many wines, you have to be smart about it and know when to “dump”.   The wines we really liked, we drank the whole sample.  The wines that were just so-so were dumped.  Our tastes were in sync with our friends for most of the wines.    A fun time!   Keep an eye on our local paper because the Heavy Legs Society hosts the wine events quite often throughout the year.

It was now time for dinner…

Cafe Del Buono

DSCN2066 This small dining establishment will seat only 42 people.  The food is very good and specials of appetizer, soup, quiche, and dinner are always displayed on the blackboard.

Last night the special was crab stuffed flounder.  I missed it by ONE ORDER!  Bummer.  I did enjoy my second choice which was Salmon Napoleon.  This was a filet of salmon topped with roasted red peppers, spinach and smothered in cheese.  The dish was finished with a balsamic glaze.


The salads were obviously enjoyed….


Sorry about that. Both of us had inhaled our greenery before I even thought about a photo.  Oh well, proof it was good.  Oil and vinegar with crumbly blue cheese. 

Ted raved about the Hot Seafood Antipasto…


It was a great evening with friends and food.


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