CNYEats A Taste of Utica: Morning Smoothie for Two

by Joanne on October 18, 2009

Although Michael Labombarda whips up these smoothies during the warm days of Summer, we enjoyed these healthy treats as a light lunch “pick-me-up” after a late breakfast on a cool, sunny day of Fall.  The recipe is found on pate 19 of A Taste of UticaThe Smoothies are low fat, healthy and so velvety smooth. 


Approximate Nutrition Per Serving (Servings per recipe = 2) NOTE:  These will vary depending on the type of yogurt, milk and fruit you use in your own personal Smoothie mixture.
Calories:  366
Protein:  16g
Carbs: 62g
Fat: 9.5g

I love the idea of adding that extra kick of a good health helper “flax” to this nutritious meal.  Flax is a powerhouse of nutrients and a good source of fiber.


The Morning Smoothie hits the spot any time of day to refresh and revitalize.  Here’s an idea when entertaining:   offer as a post meal treat after a light brunch!  Simply reduce the amount per serving, maybe in 6 oz glasses.  Your friends will love it!.

Using a blender, add the following:

  • 2 banana’s (slice into pieces)
  • 3 scoops of vanilla yogurt *what is a “scoop”?  I used 1/4 cup or 4 TBS  


  • 6 – 8 ice cubes


  • 2 TBS of golden flax seeds *Michael notes that grinding the seeds in a coffee grinder first helps to increase anti inflammatory benefits.


  • 3/4 cup fresh or frozen blueberries ( or other fruit).


  • 2 cups of skim milk * this may be varied according to your consistency preference: thick or thin.

Blend DSC_1649

and enjoy!

DSC_1654 DSC_1657

DSC_1656 What’s your favorite Smoothie recipe?  I’ve seen a lot of people adding spinach to their mix of healthy ingredients.


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