Wining and Dining

by Joanne on December 13, 2008

Still no dishwasher. Tuesday is the earliest we can get a repair guy to come fix the problem.  He will regret waiting so long because there are quite a few dirty dishes in there and on a couple of occasions we had fish.  I don’t even like to think about it. 

Last night, Ted and I had time for a little happy hour fine wine before heading to dinner.  We opened the bottle Bob and Nancy gave us at Thanksgiving and it was wonderful.  Ted said it reminded him of the wines he had made.

Beaujolais Nouveau 2008

Georges Dubceuf: Beaujolais Nouveau 2008

We then went to one of our favorite places for fine Italian in New Hartford, Bella Cucina.  I had a wonderful Chardonnay and Ted enjoyed the Chianti.  We then indulged in the Margarita Pizza appetizer and took it easy on the delish bread since we had ordered that pizza.  We both ordered the same entre’ which is unusual, but their Frutti De Mar is out of this world. 










bread and parmesan

bread and Parmesan

I didn’t take a pic of the salad because, as usual, it was quite unimpressive. Typical ice burg with a couple of tomato and cuc slices, topped with nasty raw onions. However, the coffee was as smooth as silk and a wonderful conclusion to an almost perfect dinner.  friday-dinner-at-bella-005                 

Saturday Starts…

I looked at the temperature and it was 11 degrees.  Ok, so Shane and I will only go a couple of miles and see how we feel.  We ended up doing 6.5 miles and it was a good run.  I was a little nervous going past the houses where I had seen dogs before, but no one or thing was around at that early hour.  We went down by the industrial park and then took the side streets back behind MVCC to avoid the Parkway traffic. The sidewalks are not cleared and we were having to run in the road. I don’t necessarily enjoy being a target for early morning, coffee induced aggression.   

Breakfast was my usual eggs and veg:  3/4 cup eggbeaters with asparagus, spinach and sliced cherry tomatoes.  Feta cheese, salsa, and hot sauce added.

I put the omelet on top of my homemade English muffins. Those EM’s seem to be lasting me a while! 

As for today’s activities, I am chopping up some pears, apples, and strawberries which need using up and putting them into a pie.  I’ll sweeten the pie with jam instead of sugar. 

It’s a cookie baking day.   That’s always fun.  I also have to finish my almond torte experiment since we want to get those to friends before we leave for S.C. next Saturday. 

That’s my agenda. What’s yours?  Whatever it is, enjoy.

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