Wet, Slushy and Slippery

by Joanne on November 25, 2008


Ok, so it’s warmer. 35 degrees. But we have rain and slush. It was a real challenge walking in it this morning. For every step forward, I slid half a step back. 

The workout today was 30 minutes of running on an incline. 40 minutes leg workout. 35 minutes walking outside, fighting the elements. 

Today I thought Ted’s breakfast was much more picturesque than my GF Steel cut oats with cinnamon and raisins. So here is the “Breakfast of…A Champion”:


He prepared for himself a large Fudge Brownie Whey Protein Shake. 2 Eggo Multi Grain Waffles with 2 TBS peanut butter and a large bowl of Kashi Protein and Fiber Cereal with Silk Soy Milk.  How long will that hold the big guy over? Until about 9:30AM. 

As for Shane’s breakfast, well he had some sweet potato mixed with his food. But he only goes to his bowl, grabs his peanut butter wrapped Glucosamin pills and runs off with a toy. This morning, he’s busy with a bone.  Shane is a real challenge to get to eat.

Hope your day looks sunnier and brighter than ours. We’ll make the best of this rainy day though. Have a good one!

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