A New Family Member

by Joanne on November 25, 2008

Oh – I bet THAT got everyones attention!  Well, we do have a new member but it’s not human. It’s the Tribeca!    tuesday-before-turkey-day-001

We returned the Freestyle today … and  can you believe we actually got money back! What a lease deal!   We picked up our shiny, new and blue, Tribeca and Ted has been busy playing with his new mechanical, motorized toy as I’ve been typing.  It’s a nice car, but …well, it’s just a car.  If we had picked up a new puppy or horse, most anything with soft hair that has a brain, I’d be excited. 

I posted some really cool cake and other food sites today.  Make sure to check them out.

For dinner, Ted is having left overs on top of pizza and I have made “naked Quorn” chicken.  The Quorn was sauteed in a pan with 1/2 TBS oil.  I drizzled Balsamic Vinegrette and honey mustard on top. I had 1/4 cup white beans and steamed brussel sprouts.  I also “cheated” a little and stole a small bit of pizza:  dinner-002





As for the holiday sweet treat orders, here is what I’ve accomplished:

chocolate strawberries

chocolate strawberries

1.  White and dark chocolate covered strawberries.

cake truffles

cake truffles

2. Cake Truffles.  You obviously know what a chocolate covered strawberry is  – no explanation needed. But what about the little cake truffles.  This is a really neat way to use the left over cake cuttings when you level out a baked cake prior to icing. 

  • Take the cake pieces that you have cut to level it off on top.
  • Pour a little of your cake wash (I haven’t touched on “cake wash” yet….I will when I explain cake decorating) into a bowl with cake pieces and mix around. 
  • Now form little “meatballs”.
  • Prepare your chocolate and using dipping tools:     carefully coat the balls with chocolate.  I actually used a spoon to drizzle the chocolate as well as using the tools. Note: If you have never prepared the chocolate for dipping, make sure you look it up before hand because it must be tempered otherwise it will discolor.  I use Callebaut chocolate. In my opinion, the best you can buy.

dipping and decorating tools
dipping and decorating tools


I’ll be walking Shane at some point.  One great thing about walking in the dark is you get to peak in anyone’s window who hasn’t concealed themselves inside with curtains or blinds. I don’t mean stand there for 15 minutes casing the joint…just simply walking past, taking a peak, check the decor… if you see something..ahhhh, private? -quickly turn away ’cause it’s none of your business!  You all have a great night!

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