Feel Like a Brainiac

by Joanne on October 14, 2008

I did it! I completed the crossword puzzle this morning!  On the rare occasion that I can do this, it leaves me feeling a bit guilty because Ted didn’t get to participate.  This morning he’s stuck with the Suduko puzzle. He should be happy.

Completed in 1 Sitting

Completed in 1 Sitting











Pretty good workout: 36 min. on the elliptical, 35 min. leg training with abs at the end and a short standing yoga routine. Shane and I went on a slow 34 min. jog…. he was dragging most likely because he didn’t eat his dinner last night.  He got left overs (HIS leftovers) this morning.

My breakfast was typical. Filling but my mouth wanted something else. Stomach said no so this is what I had:  1 VPX shake (pre-workout at 4AM). 1 VPX shake w/ 2 oz blueberries +2 strawberries at breakfast. 1/3 cup (dry) cream of rye w/ apple pie spice + 1 tsp natural p-nut butter + 4 strawberries.

This mornings snack is an apple with 1 TBS BetternButter + 1 TBS Naturally More P-Nut butter.

Busy day today wrapping up last quarters reports for the accountant. Follow ups from last months inquiries/customers and workorders for new orders. Of course there are the unexpected to deal with which is more exciting (and most times more fun) than the routine daily work.   Happy Tuesday!

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